In addition to our suite of childcare management tools, we aim to empower you with free ideas, tips and instructional resources to help you provide the best possible care to children in your care.


We want to help you deliver the best outcomes for the children in your care. Please enjoy our free content, everything from complete quality area guides to guides on choosing the best technology for your service. Check back often for updates.

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Boost Cyber Security at Your Service Today

Tips and strategies on boosting cyber security at your early childcare service to keep yourself and child data safe.

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Our free video resources can walk you through specific tasks, give you a better overall understanding of our platforms or give you in-depth insights on how to get the most out of our childcare management suite.

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We’re not the only ones who love our complete childcare management platform! Hear firsthand from our customers what they love about the Xplor Education suite.


Previously known as Early Years Research (EYR), ECEC Research is the research arm of Xplor Education. We conduct sector-wide studies, collecting data from thousands of early childhood education services to help services succeed through data and insights.


A place for anyone who wants to make education great. Join us as we share our thoughts, resources and tips along with timely news, updates and announcements.

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