Peace of mind for families

Our market-leading Home daycare app conveniently provides the best family experience—never miss a moment

Connection at every interaction ensures no moments are missed throughout the day

Boost family engagement and provide constant visibility on child safety

Easy sharing of each child’s learning and development makes it easy to focus on a child’s learning

One app (and one team) provides families with everything they need


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“Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help.”  – Natalie Underwood, Minnows Early Learning

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Share live learning

With our daycare app, families can view their child’s individual learning journeys and provide educators with updates (Moments) so tailored learning can continue in the service or home.

  • Live learning documents capture milestones for both educators and families to build upon.
  • Families can comment on shared observations or contact educators directly via Messenger.
  • Educators can create and share visually appealing learning stories with families.

In-app payments and bookings

Our app for childcare gives families the flexibility to make payments and bookings while on the go while complying with the new electronic payment of gap fee regulations.

  • Families can view statements and set up their preferred payment method (bank transfer, credit card or debit card).
  • Families can view availability and make bookings (including casual bookings) quickly and easily from their mobile device.
  • Ensure families never miss a payment with Direct Debit (Xplor Pay) and automatic reminders (SMS, email, or notifications).

Digital attendance

Families can sign their children in and out of your service quickly and easily with just a few taps on their mobile device using our childcare app.

  • Attendance tracking is secure and encrypted, so your attendance data is accurate and safe. 
  • Accurate tracking of which authorised individual dropped off or picked up each child.
  • Families can easily track their children’s attendance or time spent in care in the Home app. 

Transparent health event tracking

Constant updates via our daycare app allow families to effortlessly track their child’s health and safety throughout the day.

  • Families get updates on what their child is eating with nutrition tracking.
  • Share nap times and sleep checks with families to ensure continuity of care after pick-up.
  • Quickly send incident reports or share updates with families when medicine has been administered.

Home—families’ go-to daycare app
for navigating Early Years Education with ease

Home, our app for childcare, helps you give families peace of mind, knowing their children are being well cared for at your service. This childcare app allows you to keep families in the loop while you keep their children safe and healthy throughout their stay at your service.

The best family experience

Offer families the ultimate experience with easy-to-use payment options, constant communication throughout the day and moment-by-moment updates that provide a holistic view of their child’s progress all from one convenient childcare app.

A culture of compliance

From the electronic payment of gap fees to records of observations and input from families, the Home daycare app helps you remain compliant under the NQS.

Child safety at its best

Used in tandem with Playground, the Home app for childcare helps ensure that you can keep children safe and families informed throughout the day.

The flexibility families expect

Families have the freedom to make casual bookings, set up Direct Debit, make ad hoc payments (PayNow) and message educators directly from the Home daycare app.

Home Childcare App—Frequently Asked Questions

What features make Xplor Education’s Home childcare app a standout for families with children in daycare?

The Xplor Education Home family daycare app not only facilitates sharing information and collaboration with educators, but it also allows families to make bookings, quickly sign their child in and out of childcare and make payments, all from one convenient location.

What kind of support and training options are available for families using Xplor Education’s daycare app?

Families using the Home childcare app can receive help and support from our dedicated support team anytime. We also provide additional content to help families get set up on and use the Home app to take the pressure off services. Families also have access to our support site, which contains lots of information enabling families to get the most out of the Home app.

Can families use the Home daycare app to track and monitor their child’s progress and activities in daycare?

Home, our family daycare app, works seamlessly with Playground, our educator app. This enables educators to share observations with families to ensure you never miss a moment and that tracking each child’s progress throughout the day is easy.

How does Xplor facilitate communication between daycare providers and families through the Home childcare app?

In addition to being able to comment on shared observations, families have a direct line of communication with educators via the Messenger feature in Home. The Comms Centre in Office enables admins to quickly send notifications to families in various formats, including app notifications in Home.

Can families actively engage with their child’s early education journey through the Home daycare app?

Yes, educators can share observations with families, which can be viewed and commented on in the Home childcare app. This enables families to not only monitor their child’s education journey but also engage and collaborate with educators. With Home’s Moments feature, families can share special milestones or occasions with your service (accessible to educators via Playground), adding to the family’s digital timeline.

What is the pricing structure for Xplor Education’s daycare app, and are there any hidden fees?

Xplor Education’s family daycare app, Home, is part of every package and is provided to services and families at no additional cost.

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Learn how the Home daycare app simplifies Early Years Education management for your service while providing unparalleled peace of mind to families. Join the thousands of services who have chosen the Home childcare app.

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