Harness the power of premium training for your team

Our brand-new premium training options and packages are designed to empower admins and educators to be their best with Xplor.

Group or individual sessions tailored for educators, educational leaders or administrators

Reduce admin time with custom enrolment forms and Playground templates—built upon request just for your service

Become Xplor-certified—check current staff knowledge and learning to assist educators grow their careers and experience across the sector

Custom Playground templates increase family engagement, helping you exceed QA7 expectations, easing the burden on educational leaders

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Xplor Stars

“Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help.”  – Natalie Underwood, Minnows Early Learning

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What sets premium training apart?

One size does not fit all when it comes to training. Our premium training stretches beyond our free onboarding training and provides a comprehensive and tailored learning experience. Get enhanced personalised training designed to address your centre’s specific needs and challenges.

Unlimited Premium Training

Xplor Education University

With our subscription-based training, you can schedule unlimited personalised sessions with a dedicated training specialist. To help you stay ahead of the curve, our unlimited premium training will provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed. Take charge of your service’s upskilling journey by signing up for Xplor Education University.

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Expert training sessions to elevate your performance

Whether you’re in need of a refresher, seeking an introductory guide or are aiming to master one of our products, we have a variety of sessions available to help you up your game. Our expert trainers are here to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to get the most out of our products.

School’s in session—join Xplor Education University today!

Add a subscription to Xplor Education University to your current package for unlimited tailored training sessions to upskill your way to success.


(Save $60)

Per Service



per month

Provide your administrators with a comprehensive learning experience that will assist them in mastering the ins and outs of Office to fully utilise the software’s capabilities to automate more daily admin.

Per Service

Office and Playground


per month

Empower your educators and administrators to go beyond the basics and elevate their expertise Office and Playground expertise with this training designed to equip them to thrive.

Per Service

Office, Playground and MyWaitlist


per month

With the help of our experts, learn the basics and gain in-depth knowledge about Office, Playground and MyWaitlist to drive your service to success by maximising occupancy.


Xplor Education University subscription

Add for as low as

per month paid annually

Supercharge your learning with an unlimited premium training subscription. Book specialized sessions with our training experts to help your service stay at the forefront of your journey with Xplor.

Single Sessions

Take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a single personalised training session with a dedicated trainer who will guide you through Xplor’s management suite.

$50 for a 1-hour session
$30 for a 30-min session

Single user

Custom Playground Layout

No need to sweat over becoming design experts overnight. With this session, you can work with our design specialists to develop creative layouts in Playground for your service.

1 layout = $50
2 layouts = $75 (25% off)
5 layouts = $150 (50% off)
10 layouts = $250 (50% off)

Custom Enrolment Form

You don’t have to spend hours navigating our form builder to create a polished and functional enrolment form for your service. Leave it to our experts to customise it for you.

Basic edits = $50
Advanced edits = $100

per enrolment form

Premium Training Terms & Conditions

Unlimited access to our free learning resources

Enjoy our vast library of tips, ideas and advice on how you can ensure your service succeeds. Check back often for updates!

Break through your limitations and elevate your expertise with premium training

Whether you’re starting from scratch or striving to stay ahead, our premium training offers the expertise and guidance you need to succeed. Take control of your learning journey today.

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