Large-scale childcare provider powers up while making huge savings with Xplor Education

With solutions provided by Xplor Education, Catholic Early EdCare finds the cost-efficiency and streamlined management capability essential to running over 130 services across South-East Queensland.

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Catholic Early EdCare is the early education and care provider of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, working in partnership with thousands of families throughout South East Queensland, to watch children grow in all kinds of ways.

The organisation manages child care services, including long day care, kindergarten and outside school hours care to meet the needs of local communities. Across 130 services, the Catholic Early EdCare team is committed to supporting children to grow socially, individually, respectfully, spiritually, creatively and confidently, through play-based programs.

The introduction of the Xplor Education platform has enabled local Catholic Early EdCare service teams to maintain their focus on children and families, by providing them with support and effective systems to manage the important administrative tasks associated with operating a childcare service.









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Supporting Families

Understanding and responding to the needs of families is an important part of supporting children to grow at Catholic Early EdCare.

  • The many features of Xplor promote a sense of connectedness by giving our service leaders and educators varied mechanisms to communicate and engage with families.
  • The Comms Centre allows both bulk and individual communication with families via the Home app, email, SMS or hub posts.
  • Playground ensures educators can share important moments and milestones for children with their families and carers and promotes connection and engagement.
  • Xplor Education supports the care of children’s wellbeing with access to child information, including medical and emergency via a secure educator app.
  • Day-to-day feature requirements including time in attendance for children, staff and visitors are key to ensuring compliance and wellbeing.
  • With Xplor Education’s integrated system, Catholic Early EdCare is able to provide parents with flexible payment options, including EFTPOS, direct debit and Pay Now.

Service Administration

Xplor Education’s streamlined administration systems have enabled Catholic Early EdCare to centralise a number of administrative tasks, allowing educators to spend more time with children and families.

  • A streamlined digital enrolment process ensures families’ information is then available to the child’s educational leaders in the Xplor system, where they can refer to it to better understand each child’s needs.
  • Xplor Education supports payments and financial management, funding requirements, including identifying and following up government enrolments and correction of submission errors.
  • Rather than manually submitting data to the government on a weekly basis, Catholic Early EdCare educators can rely on Xplor to automatically submit required reports every Friday.
  • Inclusion Support Claims can also be submitted by Xplor once a Service Leader completes the claim process.
  • Xplor Education offers a wide range of reports that help services understand their service operations.
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We achieved our goal to reduce costs spent on manual data entry and paperwork. With Office, we could save up to 40 hours per month using features like digital waitlists and enrolment processes, digital attendance, automatic CCS submissions, and live staffing ratios.

Seamus Cooley, General Manager, Business Development and Strategy

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Approved Provider Oversight

With the benefit of Xplor Education’s systems, Catholic Early EdCare educators can focus on children, families, program and practice, rather than administration and data management.

  • Xplor Education has delivered a provider level reporting systems to provide a holistic view of successes and opportunities.
  • The Catholic Early EdCare team has used the provider level reports to ensure compliance of data and proactively inform Service Leaders where there is a potential that a data gap may exist.
  • Xplor Education has supported Catholic Early EdCare in utilising key API connections for financial management and payroll systems.
  • The data available via Xplor has made it easier to keep key stakeholders informed about services status, in greater detail.

It’s always good to hear about the latest product developments from Xplor. One of the reasons we went for Xplor is that it’s an agile start-up that seems to listen to their consumers. They develop things we’ve been advocating for to get done and find opportunities how that can work in with the overarching product road map.

Seamus Cooley, General Manager, Business Development and Strategy

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