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The all-in-one sales and marketing solution for your Australian early learning service that help you turn leads into enrolments.

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Family lead capture

Maximising the number of leads you capture is simple—especially with mobile-friendly lead capture forms.

  • Capture leads without requiring families to complete the entire waitlist registration process.
  • Automate reminder emails and create email templates for offers and confirmation while monitoring interactions via the dashboard.
  • Families use a single login to create, submit and update waitlist requests with multiple services with a single click.

Online tour scheduling

With online tour scheduling, families can schedule appointments at their convenience—fewer calls and e-mails during regular office hours.

  • Provide families with a calendar of available tour times and allow them to book themselves directly through your website.
  • Automatically send tour confirmations and reminders by setting up email and SMS templates.
  • Utilise popular email platforms such as Gmail and Outlook to sync tour bookings with your own calendar.

Customisable email campaigns

Build trust and genuine connections with easy-to-use email marketing to ensure campaigns are relevant to inquiring families.

  • Easily communicate with waitlisted families through branded email campaigns to showcase your service offerings and build trust.
  • Establish a target audience and create lists based on factors such as age, enrolment status and childcare needs.
  • Analyse metrics like open and click-through rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.

Performance reporting

Use performance reporting to improve your enrolment and occupancy rates and grow your business with actionable insights.

  • Quickly filter incoming leads based on children’s age and enrolment status to analyse the source of incoming leads.
  • View your waitlist at different stages in the lead pipeline (waitlisted, offered, confirmed, and started) to gauge enrolment activity.
  • Recognise trends and important aspects of managing leads, service quality, marketing activities and customer satisfaction.

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Part of an all-in-one software solution that streamlines sales and marketing processes for early learning services, Waitlist provides an effective and efficient means of managing your waitlist.

Increased brand awareness

Branded email campaigns are a cost-effective way of keeping your brand top-of-mind with families, leading to increased engagement with your brand.

Nurture incoming leads

By nurturing your leads properly, you can ensure families don’t feel forgotten once they register. Even if they’re exploring other options, re-engaging them can help tip the scales in your favour.

Automate waitlist tasks

Automating the waitlist process can improve family satisfaction by providing a better overall experience and increasing your brand’s reputation as a top-notch childcare provider.

Monitor task metrics

Monitoring task metrics can help you stay on top of deadlines and ensure waitlist tasks are completed on time or if they are overdue.

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With Playground, educators have access to a wide range of tools for managing administration, health, and learning. It allows them to easily observe, document, plan, and share, freeing up time to focus on the children and engage with families.

Automate your waitlist tasks to supercharge your enrolment efforts

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