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Streamline your booking and occupancy management with Xplor Education

Our admin platform, Office, integrates seamlessly with Home, our family platform, to simplify bookings for you and families, helping you boost occupancy.

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Premium New Features Available Now

For admins and families

Power your booking and occupancy management—from family booking requests to reports—using the new features in Xplor Education’s childcare management platform.

Playground Learning Experience UI

Harness the power of promo codes

  • Offer promo codes for parents/guardians to easily redeem via the Home app
  • Monitor and analyse promo code usage to identify booking pattern trends and implement changes
  • Simplify the process of offering staff benefits or loyalty programs to families

Hassle-free instant bookings & cancellations

  • Reduce admin—providing families with the flexibility to create bookings, cancel them and mark absences will reduce your manual efforts
  • Give families more of what they want with the ability to create casual and instant recurring bookings via the Home app
  • Enjoy real-time updates from the Home app, with absences and cancellations made by families synced to Office automatically
  • Playground Learning Experience UI

    Why is Xplor Education’s booking and occupancy management solution the best?

    True all-in-one platform

    The streamlined flow of information between Office, Playground and Home perfects your service’s occupancy management with a single source of truth.

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    Boost occupancy rates

    By offering promo codes and discounts on instant bookings, your service can drive higher occupancy and maximise revenue potential.

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    Unbeatable flexibility

    Families now have the flexibility to manage bookings, cancellations or absences for children in Home based on your service’s policies, with updates flowing into Office automatically.

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    Less admin work, better data

    Families manage bookings, cancellations and absences in Home, with occupancy data updated in real time for admins to view in one convenient place.

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    Better casual booking management

    Your service can set up room capacity, child-staff ratios and booking cut-off times to limit additional casual bookings and better allocate staff resources.

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    Upcoming enhancements

    A number of amazing new releases are planned throughout the year to improve the booking experience for families and services even further.

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    Lots of Powerful Features

    Navigate booking management in Office and Home

    View our support documentation for more detailed information on the improvements to our booking and occupancy management features.

    Discover what our childcare booking and occupancy management features can do for your service

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