Never miss a moment with Playground

The Playground app enables you to prioritise each child’s learning, development and safety

Foster relationships with families via meaningful communications and tailored updates

Robust health and safety reporting to meet compliance

Complete your entire planning cycle in Playground, with access across devices

Document and share children’s goals and learning over time


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“Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help.”  – Natalie Underwood, Minnows Early Learning

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Programming and planning in the Playground app

An innovative solution for educators to efficiently observe, document and track each child’s learning journey with various types of media.

  • Educators can capture each child’s learning in real time to avoid missing milestones.
  • Updates, edits, insights and reflections can be added over time to capture live learning documents.
  • Enrich your initial observations with easy-to-use tools to better monitor and add to the learning cycle over time.

Efficient health and safety tracking

Educators can track a child’s learning journey and quickly share reports with families and team members with our educator childcare software.

  • Educators can log health events for individual children or in bulk, when necessary.
  • Digital incident reports in line with ACECQA’s recommendations, including the ability to communicate with families.
  • Record and remotely access transport and head counts and emergency and drills based on live data.

Direct line to families

Playground’s Messenger feature enables educators to stay in touch with families during the day.

  • Seamless communication enhances collaboration between educators and families—fostering a nurturing environment for children.
  • Direct messaging opens doors to family consultation, active communication and stronger partnerships.
  • With the Home app, families can provide educators with regular updates—more focussed and personalised care for each child.

Discover why educators turn to Playground educator childcare software for their programming, planning and compliance needs

Case Study

Large-scale childcare provider powers up while making huge savings with Xplor Education

Catholic Early EdCare increases cost-efficiency and streamlines admin for management running over 130 services, saving up to 40 hours a month with Xplor’s platform.

Educator with students

Educators save time with the Playground app to focus more on each child

Keeping children safe, families informed and staying compliant under the National Quality Standard—it’s what Playground educator childcare software was designed for.

Never miss a moment

Playground’s programming and planning features enable educators to efficiently link learning outcomes to multiple forms of media and share them quickly with families to in easily shared live learning documents.

Achieve positive learning outcomes

Playground’s tools, templates and forms make it simple for educators to efficiently plan and track a child’s learning journey and development, while accessing this information at anytime across devices.

Keep children safe

Educators can ensure that all children in the room are safe and well cared for with the Playground app’s health and safety tracking features.

Deliver the best family experience

Boost family satisfaction by keeping them in the loop about their child’s learning journey. Playground’s Messenger boosts educator-family collaboration to deliver the best care to each individual child.

Playground App—Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Playground app assist educators in tracking a child’s learning journey?

The Playground educator childcare software makes it simple for you to tag learning outcomes against nationally approved frameworks or your service’s own custom frameworks. You can quickly share observations with families who can view their child’s learning timeline in our free family app, Home.

What sets Xplor Education’s Playground app apart as educator childcare software?

The Playground educator childcare software helps ensure you never miss a moment while keeping children safe and fostering relationships with families. Playground works seamlessly with Home, our free family app, to help you deliver the best family experience and achieve positive learning outcomes.

How does Xplor’s Playground app contribute to effective communication between educators and families?

Our educator childcare software platform, Playground, makes it easy to tag children in observations, which families can then comment on. Additionally, Playground’s Messenger provides educators with a direct line of communication with parents/guardians via the Home family app to further foster collaboration and easily share updates.

How does the Playground app streamline documentation and reporting for educators?

Your service can use any of the nationally approved learning frameworks or create its own. Then, educators can quickly tag learning outcomes for children and share observations with families. Additionally, Playground offers a variety of reports, from transportation lists, head counts and evacuation drills to health events and incident reports to streamline reporting for educators and admins.

Is there a mobile version of the Playground app for educators to use on the go?

The Playground childcare software platform offers both a web-based platform and a mobile app that works on Android and iOS. This makes it easy for educators to tag learning outcomes and communicate with families via the Home family app, using the platform that suits them best.

Don’t just take our word for it—discover why educators rely on the Playground app

Playground provides educators with a wide range of tools for managing administration, programming and planning and documenting health and learning. Less time on administration duties means more time to focus on caring for children and engaging with families.

Explore what Playground educator childcare software has to offer

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