Childcare software.
Made easy.

  • Painless FREE migration
  • Unlimited FREE Training
  • FREE Support (including Level 2)
  • Transparent, monthly pricing
  • No lock-in contracts

Everything you need.

  • One login
  • Fully automated CCS
  • Digital sign in/out
  • Advanced roll management
  • Waitlist & Enrolments
  • Secure child and contact records
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Access anywhere (cloud based)
  • Programming & Planning
  • Payment Gateway

No hidden fees.

Painless to migrate.

Forever supported. 

  • You choose when you want to start. It’s a step-by-step process and we’re by your side the whole way.
  • You get dedicated support.Throughout the process, you will have a direct line to an Account Manager for any assistance.
  • Unlimited Training.You will have full access to all of our online training resources and daily webinars. No limits or fees.
  • We do all the data migration. Our team will import all key information from your old system to Xplor. Easy.
  • No gateway headaches. We work with all payment gateways, so no need to get your parents to sign up to a new provider.
  • Parent support. We provide parent materials and templates to help you work through the change process with your families.
  • No gap in submissions. We will complete formalisations and ensure all submissions are done error-free with no gap.
  • FREE Support (7am to 7pm). Reach out to support via phone, chat or email. We pride ourselves on our 97% support rating and short wait times. We’re here to help.
  • Online Support Guide. Type your question into our support page and we’ll help you with up-to-date support articles.
  • Live Training Webinars. We hold daily live webinars to run through key training topics and answer any questions.
  • How-To Videos. We have training modules covering all aspects of the system, as well as useful videos and images walking through each feature step-by-step.
  • Helpful Industry Insight. Our research team has compiled lots of useful indicators so you can quickly see how your service compares with others for things like occupancy and daily rates.
  • Dedicated Account Manager. In addition to the normal support channels, you’ll have an Account Manager who will reach out regularly to ensure you’re making the most of the platform.

Trusted by many.

Parents, Educators, Administrators

Our previous software took about 4 weeks for them to get back to any of our questions. It was shocking. I felt traumatised from the experience…I had all these questions from parents and I didn’t know what was going on.

Then we spoke with Xplor. Every single person has been so professional. I have all the support I need and I can answer parent questions with confidence. I actually enjoy using the software! It’s so easy. Tasks that used to take 45 minutes are now so easy and quick. If you’re thinking about changing, it can feel scary, but you can go through at your own pace and it’s so worth it.

I take my hat off to the Xplor team; they’ve built something amazing and the support is 110%.

Anita - OSHC

Administrator, Glenroy West Primary School (VIC)