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Experience the ultimate all-in-one childcare platform with our integrated childcare solution. Less time on admin means more time delivering exceptional care.

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One support team for all your childcare management needs

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“Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help.”  – Natalie Underwood, Minnows Early Learning

Not every all-in-one childcare platform is created equally—and many aren’t true all-in-one solutions.

Here’s why.

Many platforms claiming to be all-in-one solutions rely on third-party integrations. When things break (and they will), both the provider and you are stuck relying on external support to resolve those issues. Every part of our dynamic system is integrated, owned and operated by Xplor—ensuring seamless communication between products.

An integrated childcare solution

Xplor Education’s comprehensive childcare platform empowers childcare services with a full suite of solutions that work together flawlessly, ensuring efficient management, exceptional care and the best family childcare experience. 

Effortless admin work made possible

Streamline your administrative tasks and free up valuable time with Office, our innovative cloud-based childcare management solution designed to enhance efficiency and boost productivity, complete with automated CCS submissions.

Office UI

One support line for all your childcare needs and huge saving when you bundle our solutions together.

Our unified support team, in collaboration with your dedicated account manager, will work with you to provide you with the assistance you need, responding to your queries within 24 hours.

See how services like yours are saving time on admin and streamlining processes with our childcare management software

Case Study

Large-scale childcare provider saves big with Australia’s best childcare management software

Catholic Early EdCare increases cost-efficiency and streamlines admin for management at over 130 services, saving up to 40 hours a month with Xplor Education’s childcare management software program for Australia.

Educator with students

All-in-one Childcare Platform Frequently Asked Questions

How does Xplor Education stand out as an all-in-one childcare platform?

The Xplor Education integrated childcare solution was designed as an ecosystem from the outset. There’s no wasted time trying to get platforms that weren’t designed to work together to “talk” to each other. Should you ever need help, a single, dedicated support team is ready to help.

Is the Xplor Education integrated childcare solution suitable for both small and large childcare facilities?

Office Yes, the Xplor Education all-in-one childcare platform is ideal for individual services and multi-centre providers in Australia. While our complete ecosystem can help individual services thrive, multi-centre providers can enjoy the additional benefit of our Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality

How can I migrate to the Xplor Education all-in-one childcare platform?

The Xplor Education integrated childcare platform consists of Office (administrators), Playground (educators), Home (Families), MyWaitlist (pre-enrolment) and Xplor Pay (payments). All these platforms work seamlessly with each other to streamline the running of your childcare service.

What kind of support and training options does Xplor Education offer for its all-in-one childcare platform?

Once the onboarding process is complete, you will always have access to our dedicated support team via phone, email or chat. In addition, we have several free training resources available, including learning paths, articles and knowledge checks. Should you desire further training, you can enrol in Xplor University for our premium training experience.

How can I migrate to the Xplor Education all-in-one childcare platform?

Our dedicated and experienced onboarding team is standing by to help you move to the Xplor Education integrated childcare solution. We conduct each migration on an individual basis, and we’re glad to proceed at the pace that meets your needs. The onboarding process typically takes five to six weeks, but as part of the onboarding process, our training team will ensure you’ve got all the knowledge and skills you need to hit the ground running with our comprehensive childcare platform.

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