Purpose-built for Outside School Hours Care

Empower your service with our software suite designed to simplify OSHC service management, ensure child safety and offer families unparalleled peace of mind.

Simply manage requests, absences, cancellations and casual bookings

Accurate roll management with simplified visibility over multiple rooms and targeted filtering

OSHC-specific learning frameworks in Playground (educator platform)

NQF-compliant software suite to help your OSHC service thrive

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Customised all-in-one product suite for OSHC providers

Our suite of tools has been designed with OSHC needs in mind. From booking and roll management to OSHC-specific learning frameworks (like My Time, Our Place 2.0) and a focus on keeping every child safe, Xplor Education provides you with the tools you need to run your service more efficiently.

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Better booking management

Enhanced administrative tools make capturing requests, managing absences and handling cancellations effortlessly efficient.

  • Services can set up the room capacity for multiple days to limit additional casual bookings and better allocate staff resources
  • Families can make casual bookings and notify you of absences quickly and easily from the Home family app
  • Booking requests from Home sync with Office so your numbers are always current

Simplified cash flow

Xplor Pay, our payment platform, enables you to easily manage your finances with a fully-integrated payment infrastructure and comprehensive debt management solutions.

  • Flexible integrated payment options via Xplor Pay to meet families’ needs
  • Families can set up direct debit for worry-free payments or make ad hoc payments at their convenience
  • Live Government sync shows CCS estimates in real time on both the Master Roll and in statements
  • Xplor UI
    Xplor UI

    Constant visibility on child safety

    Data syncs across platforms ensuring a single source of truth for staff and families, keeping everyone informed and ensuring the utmost safety of every child whether at the service or on an excursion.

    • Easy reporting on head counts, transport lists, emergency evacuations, drill evacuations and incidents​ reports
    • Educators can share incident and injury details via Home (our family app)
    • Comms Center and Messenger ensure families get the info they need and can reach out to educators when necessary

    Xplor Education—Empowering
    OSHC Management

    Experience a holistic approach to Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) management. Harness the power of state-of-the-art features designed to streamline bookings, simplify finances and prioritise child safety.

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    Manage Room Capacity

    Leverage the ability to set up room capacity for multiple days and limit casual bookings to prevent overbooking while providing forecasting on future resource allocation.

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    Parent Account Attachments

    Appending notes directly to parent accounts streamlines communication processes, reducing the need for redundant follow-ups and ensuring vital information is always available.

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    Grade-based Filtering

    Grade-based filtering provides you with a clearer perspective on each entry while the quick-view feature showcases your room’s capacity instantly, offering clarity.

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    Booking Request Management

    Office streamlines this with notifications for booking requests. Administrators receive real-time alerts for meetings and booking requests, allowing them to confirm or reject.

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    Quick View

    No need to dig through piles of paperwork or navigate through endless menus. Quick View gives you immediate access to a child’s essential information, all in one place.

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    Simplified Dashboard

    Robust and reliable dashboard to give you a snapshot of your centre’s operational needs enabling you to make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.

    The ultimate solution for all your OSHC management needs

    With Xplor Education’s suite of tools, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time delivering exceptional care.

    Experience secure and seamless communication across platforms

    Boost productivity with enhanced speed, reliability, and security

    Single, dedicated support team providing expert assistance

    Xplor UI
    Xplor UI

    Xplor Education—your OSHC
    program’s trusted partner

    Save time and automate administration for your OSHC service with Xplor Education’s comprehensive management suite.

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