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We have reimagined how educators document and share each child’s learning journey with families in Playground. 

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Playground Posts

Record. Document. Share.

We have re-imagined how educators document and share a child’s learning journey in Playground. With our easy-to-use tool, Posts, educators will be able to create vibrant stories and capture insights simply and efficiently.

Playground Learning Experience UI

Access Posts on any device or platform

  • Posts (previously Observations) will be stored in the cloud and no longer be tied to a single device
  • Start a Post on one device and finish it on another—no copying between devices
  • Educators can work on Posts anytime, anyplace, confident their data is securely stored in the cloud

Document & share learning quickly

  • Capture learning moments quickly with a Post—just add a title and a room to get started
  • Fewer required fields makes creating and sharing Posts faster and easier
  • Playground Learning Experience UI
    Playground Learning Experience UI

    Attach an audio recording

    • In addition to text, images and videos, you can now include up to 5 minutes of audio in Posts
    • Document and share a child’s progress, milestones and achievements with families so they can gain insights into their child’s learning

    Easily find and tag children

  • Use filters to quickly find and tag children in any room at any time
  • Attendance filters (signed in vs booked in or default room) enable you to confidently tag children by only displaying children in attendance
  • Filtering by default room allows you to quickly find children in the room they frequently attend
  • Playground Learning Experience UI

    Your Posts Simplified

    Link learning documents effortlessly

    Attach learning documents in Posts to build a well-rounded understanding of a child’s learning progress.

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    Maintain a safe learning environment

    Ensure Posts are a safe and respectful space for families to engage by managing and moderating comments.

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    Preview Posts before sharing

    Educators can review Posts before sharing them to ensure they are well-crafted and error-free.

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    Increase family engagement

    Gain valuable insights into who’s engaging with your content by tracking views and reactions.​

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    Lots of Powerful Features

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