Integrated childcare management software for multi-service providers

Effortlessly manage your services and unlock new growth possibilities with our comprehensive software platform.

Stay compliant with our essential downloadable reports that keep you ahead of regulatory requirements

Securely store all your important data in a single source, eliminating errors and ensuring consistency

Simplify data collection with our convenient and customisable digital forms

Strengthen your parent relationships through our intuitive communication features

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Multi-service providers using Xplor Education’s product suite

Empowering decision-making and safeguarding your data

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Centralised Reporting

Xplor Education’s centralised dashboard displays occupancy statistics, room attendance, financial information and more thanks to 30+ customisable reports. Office supports PowerBI and other API integrations to support data-driven decision-making.

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Data Security

Single Sign-On (SSO) offers easier and more secure IT administration across multiple applications, resulting in better overall security. Powered by Amazon Web Services, your data is stored on Australian shores, protected by bank-level security.

We care about what matters to you

From helping you keep children safe to providing families with the convenience they need, our solutions have been developed with services like yours in mind.

Child safety is your top priority—and ours

Helping your service ensure children are safe while in care is baked into our entire childcare management suite.

  • Collect vital health information for each child on enrolment forms to prioritise their health and safety from the start.
  • Easily record nappy changes, sleep times, medication dosages, and other significant health events and share them with families to give them peace of mind.
  • Downloadable reports draw data from transport lists, health events, head counts, emergency evacuations, drill evacuations, and incident reports to help you stay compliant.
Image of SSO concept
Image of SSO concept

Secure payment solution

Xplor Pay provides both your service and families with children in your care with a seamless payment experience to help ensure a steady cash flow.

  • Save time and boost efficiency with Xplor Pay’s secure direct debit, helping you stay compliant with requirements for electronic gap fee payments.
  • Boost family satisfaction by offering the flexibility of offering ad hoc payments in addition to direct debit, straight from our Home app.
  • Our dedicated support team is ready to help get Xplor Pay up and running at your service and guide families through the easy setup process in the Home app.
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Backed by a corporate parent

Xplor Technologies

We’re the first global platform integrating SaaS, payments and Commerce Accelerating Technologies to help businesses succeed. We offer software solutions in fast-growing ‘everyday life’ verticals: Education, Fitness & Wellbeing, Field Services and Personal Services – and a global, cloud-based payments processing platform. Xplor Technologies serves over 78,000 customers that processed over $36 billion in payments, operating across 20 markets in 2022.

The ultimate solution for all your childcare management needs

With Xplor Education’s suite of tools, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time delivering exceptional care.

Experience secure and seamless communication across platforms

Boost productivity with enhanced speed, reliability, and security

Single team provides you with expert onboarding, training and support

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Xplor SSO Chart

Streamline your childcare operations with Xplor Education

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