Secure, efficient access with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enjoy the benefits of SSO thanks to our genuine ecosystem.

Enhanced security across platforms and services

Consistent, user-friendly experience

Improved user experience encourages software use

Streamlined log-in process leads to increased efficiency

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Core features ensuring a secure and smooth experience across all platforms

Our single sign-on solution not only enhances security and efficiency but also provides you with the following benefits for only $20/month.

Image of SSO concept

Easier IT administration

  • SSO enables your IT department to manage user access across multiple applications more efficiently.
  • Access controls can be applied more consistently—saving you time.
  • When staff leave your service or change roles, one interface allows admins to modify or revoke access to all associated applications—reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

User login convenience

  • Simpler logins increase platform use—providing access to CCS management, administration and parent engagement via our fully integrated ecosystem.
  • Seamless switching between apps enhances the overall user experience with user-friendly interactions.
  • No need to manage multiple passwords across different services—decreases the frustration of managing multiple credentials and password fatigue.
Image of SSO concept
Image of SSO concept

Better security

  • SSO systems include logging and reporting capabilities for easier security audits
  • Reduce potential breach points and ensure data storage compliance.
  • Fewer password-related issues among staff reduces support costs and downtime resolving those issues.

SSO—the ultimate solution for all your service’s management needs

Streamlined access— one login, multiple systems

Effortless employee credential management

Manage security confidentially

Xplor SSO Chart
Xplor SSO Chart

SSO in Playground

We can offer SSO because we’re truly an all-in-one platform

Xplor Education’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution is designed to meet the unique demands of childcare providers by enhancing speed and security.

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