G8 Education renews with Xplor for 3 years

G8 Centres are now leveraging Space.

  • Second largest childcare operator in Australia selects Xplor as their exclusive software provider
  • +470 childcare centres will continue using Xplor Office and Playground to streamline the running of their business 
  • Deal to see G8 Education leverage Xplor’s new Space platform to increase occupancy

One of Australia’s largest childcare operators, G8 Education has today selected leading early learning solution provider Xplor as its exclusive software partner. In a three-year renewal deal, the partnership will see Xplor continue to help G8 Education optimise its operations, and remove the unnecessary burden of administration for childcare centre owners fighting occupancy challenges following COVID-19. 

This partnership brings together two innovators in the early education industry. G8 Education is one of Australia’s largest providers of early childhood education, with more than 470 early learning centres across 21 brands. Since starting as a family-owned and operated company with 30 centres in 2007, G8 Education has grown to become the largest publicly-listed provider of early childhood education and care in Australia, supporting 58,000 children every day. In parallel, Xplor has pioneered cloud-based software solutions for the childcare sector, growing to become Australia’s leading childcare software provider since being founded in 2015. 

With the only Australian all-in-one, a cloud-based software solution for early education, Xplor supports every element of the childcare customer journey via its Office, Playground and Home suite of products specifically tailored for the needs of each user – whether administrator, educator or parent. 

Having worked with Xplor since 2017, G8 Education originally adopted Xplor’s Office app, migrating their services from QikKids Desktop to Xplor’s cloud product in 2018. The company then rolled out Playground in 2018 enabling its +9,000 educators to capture learning moments for +54,000 children in real-time. Earlier this year during COVID-19, G8 Education also launched Home, allowing parents to stay connected with their child remotely, and minimise the risk of infection via contactless sign-in at the centre.  

CEO of TSG Education and Founder of Xplor, Mark Woodland, says Xplor is transforming childcare with intuitive software designed to meet all the current and future needs of the industry.

“In these challenging times, childcare centres need a single software provider that offers them an all-in-one solution that will work in any location, saves them time, and provides peace of mind in terms of data integrity and security. 

“With the continued occupancy challenge the industry is facing, it’s no longer appropriate to ask employees to waste time logging in and switching between multiple applications. COVID-19 is forcing us all to do more with less time, and it’s important for centres to understand the benefits of dealing with a single software provider rather than commissioning a number of vendors who may excel in one part of administration, but cannot serve the whole ecosystem and deliver a consistent experience end-to-end. 

“G8 Education has trusted us to deliver software that makes it simple for administrators to run their business, and help their educators do what they love, delivering high quality education to children. We couldn’t be more proud to help them to do so, and look forward to continuously evolving our software to meet the needs of G8 Education, and all of our clients.”

Recently Xplor launched its new listings platform Space, designed to help centres fill empty childcare places post COVID-19. In the past few months, G8 Education has migrated all of its childcare services onto Space helping to make it easier for parents to find childcare services that are COVID-19 safe. 

“We looked at a number of software providers, but ultimately Xplor was the only one we felt that matched our needs for a truly all-in-one solution,” said Gary Carroll, CEO of G8 Education. 

“With past vendors, we struggled with multiple programs that didn’t talk to each other, and couldn’t provide a single real-time view of data across the centres. Now our teams can use Xplor to add information into Office, and know that this information is available to their families via the Playground app right away. That kind of time-saving is something no one else could offer, and it is delivering real value to our childcare centres and the families we serve every day.

“We are committed to becoming the leading provider of quality early childhood education and care in Australia, and Xplor’s shared passion for improving the quality of early education and innovative software makes them the perfect partner to help us with this ambition. We’re excited to be continuing our partnership into the future.”

About TSG Education

TSG, a global revenue management solutions company, acquired both Xplor and QikKids to revolutionise the childcare software offering in Australia and New Zealand. Serving over 10,500 services across Australia and New Zealand, the combined group now leads the Early Years Sector in Australian innovation with Office, Playground, Home and Space solutions – providing a seamless experience for educators, families and services. Led by CEO of Education at Xplor Mark Woodlands, TSG Education is dedicated to making education great, by removing the unnecessary administration that stops people from teaching and learning.

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