There is nothing else like Xplor.

The power and flexibility of Xplor give you the freedom to manage your service whenever and wherever you are. Xplor makes regulation easy. And built-in apps and intuitive software create an incredibly personal experience.

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Child Care Subsidy Software.

With Xplor, you can feel close when you’re far away. Your child’s educators can send you real-time updates, photos and videos throughout your day.


Need to work with Windows and Mac?

Xplor does that, too.

With Xplor, it’s easy to work on any platform at anytime. If you want, you can even run Xplor on your mobile device.

Digital Attendance.

With Xplor, you can quickly record attendance without paper or hassle.  Notify parents to confirm missed attendances, and ensure you meet regulation.

All the software you need.

One login.

Education. Organize, edit, and share a lifetime’s worth of photos and videos, and rediscover your favourite memories. Create beautiful documents with stunning simplicity. And collaborate with friends and coworkers in real time — whether they’re across town or across the globe.



Programming & Planning



Productivity. Keep your rosters, timesheets all in one place, create separate calendars for education leaders, assistances, and directors, and view them all or just the ones you want. Keep all your staff contact info up to date on all your devices, and easily import numbers, addresses for safe keeping. And keep track of little and big things with reports that can include links, tables, and more.







Finance. From reclaiming your time, to reconciling on the run, to helping each other reach a common goal. Xplor lets you do business, beautifully. View and share over 40 interactive reports and budgets in real time – no waiting for month end to see how your business is performing. Use custom columns, formulas, text blocks and drag-and-drop accounts to easily edit and change your reports to how you want them look.







Management tools. Whether you're hosting a conference, ticketing a musical or running a class, our streamlined technology helps you get up and running quickly -- and looks great on any device.  Access real-time bookings and check-in data, manage, and promote your service 24/7, from any device.







Childcare Subsidy. Let Xplor do the heavy lifting and calculate CCS automatically for you. The CSS in Xplor makes it simple to collect everything you’ll need to send to the Department of Human Services. Accurately track and manage CSS with a transparent view of your transactions and the CSS calculated.



Government Registration