The best platform for child safety and compliance

Observe, document, plan and share more efficiently to focus on children and engage with parents.

  • Connect educators and parents throughout the day to give parents peace of mind
  • Better focus on each child’s learning with in app programming and planning
  • Keep children safe with health and safety reporting, evacuation lists and transport lists

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More mobile, more efficient

Educators can work more efficiently with the Playground web programming and planning functionality also available in the Playground app.

Playground UI

Educators using iPads (or other iOS devices) and the latest version of the Playground app can now:

  • Update teaching plans when inspiration strikes—no more forgetting great ideas.
  • Enjoy increased functionality whilst remaining mobile for increased convenience.
  • Access past learning info about a child/room/educator at any time for more personalised planning.

Observations and documentation

Playground makes it easier for educators to observe and document a child’s learning through the mobile app or online.

  • Capture everything you need for the NQF, through videos and photos, without spending hours on paperwork.
  • Link to frameworks, philosophies and create beautiful online learning journals which parents can view at any time.

Programming and Planning

Make it easier for educators to scaffold a child’s learning that is unrestricted using Playground’s templates and forms.

  • Easily monitor and complete the learning cycle with simple tools that allow you to extend on a child’s observations.
  • Create a visual representation of the planning cycle, allowing you to comment, share and reflect on your learning journey.


With messaging part of the Playground app, it’s a breeze for educators and guardians to stay in touch during the day.

  • In addition to commenting on documentation and observations, educators can communicate directly with parents.
  • Parents using the Home app can contact educators directly to share learning outcomes or notify them if they’re running late.
  • Easier collaboration and communication between educators and parents helps create an environment where children thrive.

Attendance and emergencies

Playground makes it easier for educators to find all the emergency information they need, even when they are offline.

  • Make it easy for educators to quickly sign children in and out, and manage ratios.
  • Individual child profiles with permissions, contacts, health details, and other personal information.

Health events and incidents

See the health of every child in your room at a glance. Playground timers will notify you of important events such as sleep and nappy checks.

  • Digital updates capture nappy changes, sleep times and other important events.
  • Quickly record medication dosages and incidents that occur in your service.

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Playground has everything an educator needs to take care of administration, health and learning.

Group Observations

Digital Attendance

Emergency Evacuation

Sleep Timers

Sleep checks

Sunscreen logs

Nappy logs

Nutrition logs

Medical logs

Incident Forms

Live Ratios

Secure PIN Codes

Free form planning

Learning reflections

Learning outcomes


Child profiles

Educator profiles


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