All the information you need. All in one place.

Xplor collects all the stories that happen throughout the day of your child — so you no longer need to hunt for information to stay informed. And with a completely re-imagined Timeline, it’s easier than ever to find the stories that matter most to you. Xplor also features chat, health, and other incredible features to make your day less stressful.

A captivating experience.

Xplor brings the incredible learning your children do to the screen, with photos and videos that reflect your child’s uniqueness. Enjoy interactive and engaging stories, rich with photo galleries, videos and animation. Learning are optimised for both iPhone and iPad, so you’ll have a great reading experience no matter which device you’re using.

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The stories your really care about.

Your child’s day, real-time. A window into your child’s day and easy communication, all from one simple app.

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An easier way to pay.

Create your Xplor account, and pay fees anywhere, anytime. Click the pay now button and make direct payment using Xplor. It’s easier than ever to get paid fees on time.

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Instant Sign in and Out.

Easy digital check-in with personal passcodes. Add guardians to pick up your child, and see when your child is checked in or out.

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Watch your child’s day unfold with snapshots delivered to your mobile device. Invite grandparents, nannies, and friends – with control over what they can do and see on Xplor.

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Get closer to everyone you love with Xplor. With instant messaging, photo and video updates, announcements and alerts, Xplor is a powerful virtual communication tool. Also Keep track of and share care instructions including emergency contacts, allergies, asthma plans, immunisations, medications and much more. Ensure trusted carers know what to do, who to call or what to tell an ambulance paramedic in an emergency.

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When you bring Xplor into the classroom, listening becomes discovering, interest becomes wonder and passive learning becomes active exploration. Lessons come to life with touch, motion and sound. Educator resources, insights from fellow educators and personalised support help you teach in brand new ways — from reading to writing — in ways that children really get. All of which makes those magical aha moments happen much more often. For everyone.

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Easily track and manage your child’s activities, bookings, extra days and more. Xplor’s online scheduling syncs your busy day with your child’s day.

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