Xplor launches in-app feature to raise funds for Red Nose Day

  • Xplor teams with Red Nose to provide fundraising support for lifesaving research and awareness programs on Red Nose Day.
  • A first-of-its-kind in-app functionality to scale donations for Red Nose Day, providing direct access to more than 10,500 services across Australia and New Zealand and their families using the Xplor app.
  • More than 1.5 million Australian families benefit from receiving Red Nose educational programs on safe sleep and the prevention of SIDS each year.

Xplor Technologies has teamed with Red Nose, a national charity and Australia’s leading authority on safe sleep and safer pregnancy advice. The collaboration saw Xplor support Red Nose Day and help raise awareness about safe sleep practices and support the Red Nose network established to protect young children and families.

For Red Nose Day, which was observed in Australia on the 13th of August this year, Xplor enabled users to donate and raise funds through in-app functionality in the Home App made live for all of August. The feature made it easier for parents and caregivers to contribute to Red Nose Day, so together, they could help drive new research around the prevention of sudden and unexpected deaths of infants and children.

Fundraising through the Xplor app will be a community effort to ensure that more investment in SIDS prevention and safe sleep practices can be made for generations to come.”

Mark Woodland, CEO of Education at Xplor

CEO of Education at Xplor, Mark Woodland, said that the mission of Red Nose resonates with ours at Xplor to support families and caregivers in keeping their young children safe and thriving.

“Fundraising through the Xplor app will be a community effort to ensure that more investment in SIDS prevention and safe sleep practices can be made for generations to come”, said Mark.

“The recently launched Home+ platform, available for free for Xplor families, currently hosts a range of digital resources on key parenting themes including sleep, nutrition, communication and safety. It is critical that parents and staff at early childhood centres have access to research-based programs, such as those prepared by Red Nose, to reduce preventable deaths.”

Red Nose is happy to onboard Xplor as a partner and is convinced that the collaboration will help raise more awareness about SIDS and reduce its occurrence in Australia.

Red Nose have been there for Australian families for over 40 years, supporting them from conception through to the age of four. Through its wide reach and technology, Xplor will enable the Red Nose Day messages to reach more parents and help Red Nose fund more life-saving research and education programs to keep little ones safe.

As a leading player and influencer in the education sector, Xplor is passionate about empowering families with the knowledge to care for their children safely. The collaboration with Red Nose will significantly impact the outreach of content and awareness programs, helping thousands of centres and families implement quality care and education every day.

About Red Nose 

Red Nose is a national charity working to save little lives and support families impacted by the death of a baby or child. The organisation has invested more than $17 million into lifesaving research and has helped reduce SIDS by 85% since it started operating. It relies on Red Nose Day, partnerships with small businesses and corporations and other fundraising events to continue running evidence-based safe sleep educational programs and bereavement services to support families with young children, from conception till the age of four.