Why is physical activity important to children?

Healthy kids are happy kids.

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Everyone knows that it is important to exercise and remain physically active in order to maintain good health. Children’s workout activities and exercises help them increase their muscle and bone strength, improve concentration levels, and more importantly, lay the foundation for a healthy life.

According to the 2020 Annual Child Care Report, 1 in 4 children in Australia are overweight.

National survey for The Early Years Insights 2020

Although wrong dietary habits are largely to blame, low children physical activity level is also a reason. Hence, parents and carers should make children’s fitness their priority and encourage them to do some fun workout as a part of their daily routine, even in the present situation.

Additional benefits of physical activities in children include:

  • weight management
  • strong bones and muscles
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • better balance, coordination and strength
  • good posture
  • improved concentration 
  • better confidence and self-esteem
  • less stress

Children can get their daily quota of physical activity at home while adhering to the Government directive of ‘stay at home as much as possible’. Several online resources are available, especially for children. These are specifically designed to promote children’s fitness even when they are forced to spend time indoors. 

How to keep children active at home? 

There are several specialist children fitness programs offered by professional trainers online. The activities in these children workout programs include boxing, fitness and obstacle training among others. 

With the unprecedented threat posed by COVID-19, like many other things, fitness training for children has gone online too. Special programs make it possible for children to undertake much-needed physical activity at home.

The importance of keeping children active and doing physical exercise during the lockdown

Being physically active is essential for both the health and wellbeing of children; the WHO recommends children to be physically active for at least an hour per day while staying at home. Fitness for children is also important for building their resilience and for the plain reason that workouts can infuse a sense of routine into their lives.

Physical activity keeps children from being obese, and they are more likely to become active when they grow up. Frequent fitness sessions have a direct effect on brain health and learning, helping them to set up a routine that will stay with them throughout their life.

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