How Modern Tech Creates Safer Childcare

Childcare Health Compliance Made Simple with Modern Software

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Staying in line with NQS quality areas in childcare, especially health and safety standards, is more crucial than ever. Modern childcare software can provide support – helping keep more comprehensive records, supporting administrative duties and digitising reporting to ensure you’re fully compliant.

Keeping Digital Records

Digitally recording health events like nappy changes, sleep checks, incident forms, medication administration and other essential health and safety services can save time and create a more detailed record of your efforts overall.

For example, apps (like Playground) will automatically log the educator providing the service and an exact timestamp for your audit trail with the simple press of a few buttons, leaving you with more time to focus on providing care.

Capture everything you need…without spending hours on paperwork.

Utilising Countdown Timers

Another fantastic measure for staying compliant with NQS Quality Area 2 (Health & Safety) is to follow precise countdown timers for essential health events. Your staff can receive regular reminders through software for when these services should be administered, ensuring they’re delivered at the exact intervals required.

You should look for software that includes countdown timers- such as nappies every 2 hours, sleep checks every 10 minutes as dictated by SIDS requirements, and 2 hours for sunscreen application as issued by the Cancer Council’s SunSmart guidelines for early years.

Utilising software for timers actually puts you ahead of NQS requirements, as this administrative support system can be documented in your Quality Improvement Plan as a measure beyond simply meeting health and safety standards.

Digitising Health Reports

Childcare software can also help you digitise health reporting – providing a quick and efficient way to generate detailed reports on health information, emergency evacuations and other evidence that your childcare centre is meeting health and safety standards – and you can cut back on the lengthy paperwork too!

Searching & Sourcing Evidence

If you’ve ever found yourself searching tirelessly for past documents lodged years ago, you’re sure to appreciate the advanced searching and sourcing functionality of modern childcare support software.

Look for childcare software with features like A&R Search Mode that allow you to easily search and retrieve documented evidence within any area of the NQS standard, so you’ll never have to deal with the endless scrolling of another tiring document hunt. 

Modern software isn’t just about saving time – it’s about staying well ahead of health and safety standards to create more alert, more efficient and safer childcare centres overall.

Visit for detailed information about your health and safety requirements, and check out Playground at to get started with our app today.

Further information

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