Xplor Education—The Sector’s 2023 Most Improved Child Care Management System

Xplor Education is pleased to announce it has been awarded the “2023 Most Improved Child Care Management System (CCMS)” in The Sector’s biennial CCMS user survey. Xplor Education and QikKids were the only two childcare management systems to improve their NPS (Net Promoter Score) over the 2021 survey, with Xplor Education improving by 11% and QikKids increasing by 5%. 

Though incredibly proud of this achievement, Matt Varley, General Manager Xplor Education, believes the best is yet to come. “Xplor Education has added 1,400 new services since the last report, and we’re on track to be the largest CCS platform in the Australian market by early 2024—overtaking QikKids, which has held that mantle since the inception of childcare software in Australia.”   

Mr Varley said that The Sector’s survey findings mirror a concerted internal effort over the past two years to drive change, improve platform performance and build product features and enhancements that genuinely help admins and educators in their day-to-day duties.

I’m confident our continued focus on listening, and building what our customers need to automate administration, maintaining high standards of security and adopting AI to save time for services, is setting Xplor Education up for the next phase of innovation in the childcare software sector—enabling us to remain a trusted partner to many for years to come.

Matt Varley—General Manager Xplor Education

By listening to user feedback, hosting industry focus groups, and employing people from the childcare sector, Xplor Education has released 150+ new features over the past two years to empower childcare teams to focus on the children in their care. This crucial feedback drove Xplor Education’s technology roadmap, seeing the addition of the Transport Lists feature months before this was mandated by the Australian Government. The addition of Single Sign On (SSO) in the Playground educator platform has also greatly simplified the process of logging into multiple accounts and platforms with one set of user credentials. 

We’re excited to see that our improvements are making a real difference for children and resonating with those in the sector. I’m also incredibly proud of my team, who not only work hard to improve our platform but also give back to the ECEC sector with our partnerships. Whether working with The Smith Family to address educational disparities or giving students from St. Andrews Lutheran College hands-on entrepreneurial experience in our Space Cadets program, it’s clear that our employees truly care about supporting the early education community. 

Matt Varley—General Manager Xplor Education

Notably, the only other CCMS to improve its NPS score in this year’s report was QikKids, also part of Xplor Education. “I’m delighted to lead both these brands and a team that has had so much impact on the sector over the last 15 years and continues to do so,” said Varley. “One of my prouder moments this year was seeing our QikKids team successfully help services prepare for Kindy Funding changes in QLD, NSW and VIC. And with the addition of Playground, our innovative solution for educators, and Home, our market-leading app for families, into QikKids, the platform continues to be a great option for customers who want to modernise their educator and family experience while using the childcare software they know and love.” 

The Sector’s CCMS user survey is conducted annually to allow users to share their experiences using childcare management systems across Australia. With over 1,100 respondents, the results provide a unique snapshot of how the ECEC community views the technology platforms available to Australian childcare service providers. The full results of the survey are available via The Sector. 

About Xplor Education 

Xplor Education is part of Xplor Technologies, a global platform combining SaaS solutions with embedded payments and Commerce Accelerating Technologies to help businesses succeed. Xplor Education offers enterprise software solutions to early years learning services, assisting with centre administration, documentation, family engagement, occupancy and waitlists. The cloud-based platform is an all-in-one software solution that seamlessly simplifies compliance, increases family engagement and delivers the best educational experience possible.  

Xplor Education serves 8,700+ childcare services across Australia and New Zealand through its Xplor Education, QikKids and Discover by Xplor brands, providing a seamless experience for educators, families and services. 

To learn more, visit ourxplor.com