Learn the steps you can take to improve NQS QA1

Use our self-assessment checklist to boost your ratings

Are you having trouble compiling evidence to showcase your centre’s teaching practices? This checklist breaks down each component under Quality Area 1 and shares the considerations you should take into account to receive a high NQS rating. Most centres often end up with a poor NQS rating due to their inability to provide evidence for the learning and development that happens during the day. This checklist will serve as a roadmap to help you showcase the work your educators are doing and improve your ratings today.

Xplor's QA1 Checklist
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82% of services are Meeting NQS, of which 30% are Exceeding.

Here are a few considerations for NQS assessments:

  • Are you saving all of the observations from child activities in a detailed portfolio for each child?
  • Are you using critical thinking and analysis to find out what children want to learn?
  • Do educators use observations to create future intentional learning plans for children?
  • Is your centre using an efficient process of collecting and presenting child learning progress to parents?

If you would like to download the full NQS QA1 Guide, click here.