Technology impacts performance.

A guide to learning about new cloud platforms.

Making a move to more technologically advanced platforms can seem daunting at first. This guide has been prepared to help you through the transition and make your business more efficient with automation. Most child care providers are now offering a cloud-based solution which allows your staff with better accessibility and flexibility when getting work done. Learn how your centre can manage payments and other administrative processes at a faster pace, with better accuracy.

Xplor's Childcare Digital Marketing Guide
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Helping you make the best choice.

This guide will help you learn about:

  • Accessibility.
    Does using cloud-based software improve accessibility?
  • User experience.
    How much more convenient is cloud-based software?
  • Automation of workflow.
    Is it true that cloud-based software increases efficiency?
  • Data safety.
    Is a desktop-bound software more prone to data compromise?