Complying Written Arrangement (CWA)

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Xplor is a government approved management platform that enables educators and parents to experience their child’s early learning journey in real-time through a live feed of photos, videos, and activities. By automating admin, attendance and submissions as well as rosters, reporting, payroll, invoices, payments, and HR, the platform also reduces the admin burden on educators, freeing them up to focus on teaching.

Download Your Guide to CWAs

The new CCS came into effect on 02 July 18, and there is still significant levels of confusion on both the childcare service and parents side. This guide aims to guide you to ensure your service is CWA (complying written arrangement) compliant and your parents have actioned everything correctly to ensure they are receiving their entitled childcare subsidy.

What you need to know to about CWAs

This guide will take you on the journey to understand everything you need to know about CWA’s. You’ll learn about the following;

  • What is a CWA?
  • Who must obtain a CWA?
  • An Early Learning Service Providers Responsibilities relating to CWAs.
  • Including fees into CWAs
  • If more than one parent or guardian enters a CWA
  • Updating a CWA
  • CWAs and Xplor

Who Should Download the CWA Guide?

  • Services needing guidance on their CCS compliance requirements
  • Administrators wanting to guide parents through their CCS requirements to redeem their subsidy.

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