Xplor to be Acquired by TSG through Advent International.

Xplor and TSG announced today that the acquisition bringing the two companies together has closed. The acquisition comes as Xplor continues to grow and interest in the company accelerates.

Xplor pioneered the ‘all-in-one’ childcare software market and is focused on supporting services, families and educators by removing administration so they can focus on a child’s learning. Together, Xplor and TSG will offer centres, educators and families more choices and make it easier for them to connect with each other.

The Xplor platform and website will continue to operate as they do today. Mark Woodland, Founder and CEO of Education at Xplor, will continue to lead Xplor and drive their innovation.

“When I founded Xplor, I sought to reimagine and remove the administration that bogs centres, families and educators down and ultimately takes them away from teaching. Our role has always been as a tool to support the people who do the most valuable work; educators. As we look to the future we are making our platform even easier to use, and are working to deliver higher wages to educators, better occupancy to Early Years Services and cheaper access for parents,” said CEO of Education at Xplor and Founder Mark Woodland. “We are humbled to be able to accelerate this vision as part of the TSG family and I can’t wait to get to work to help make education great.”

AirTree Ventures has been the main investor in Xplor and made its initial investment in early 2016, making a further 4 investments over the next 3 years.

“Mark is an outstanding founder who was passionately committed to creating a fundamentally better platform for Child Care Centres, their administrators, teachers and parents. We were very proud to have been a part of the Xplor journey and will look forward to Xplor taking over the world” said Daniel Petre Founder and General Partner at AirTree Ventures.

Other shareholders have been quick to praise Woodland and the team for their efforts. “As one of the key early investors at Xplor OMKA group is so proud of what Mark and his team at Xplor have achieved – a true Australian startup success story,” said Arun Krishnankutty, OMKA Group Chairman.

Woodland went on to say that “there have been many times during the Xplor story (as in all startups) when things got very hard. In all those times Daniel fought for Xplor and supported me beyond what I could have ever asked from my family. Many people make claims that they care about founders. Daniel actually does.”

The Xplor platform was designed to remove administration with a truly unique and automated experience. The platform recently launched Xplor Home, a personalised parent app that is capable of tracking a child’s learning and all their important health information such as sleep, nutrition and everything in between.

In 2019, Xplor also expanded its educator software and enhanced its Playground platform. Through features like these, Xplor has developed a loyal following of Early Years Centres who are focused on providing the best educational experience to families.

Continuing to build on its history of innovation, Xplor has rolled out a new way for families to find available spaces at Early Years Services. Additionally, the company is working on ways for educators to be paid higher wages without reliance on centres or government to fund the cost.

“None of this would be possible without the support of my family and team. We have a big vision to help make education great and are ready to accelerate that dream with TSG and Advent International”

Mark Woodland | Founder and CEO of Education at Xplor