From 2 July 2018
a new Child Care IT
System will be implemented.
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Xplor is filled with a collection of essential administrator tools you’ll use
everyday, like payments, tasks, rostering, CCMS and more.

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Reach your parents and team wherever they are. Live communication, instant observations and the worlds greatest child health platform.


Everything you need to bring your programming and planning to life.


All your files and information easily searchable and at your fingertips instantly.


Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.


Don't be left behind. Instantly comply with regulation and CCMS requirements. Find out how we are preparing for the new CCITS changes.

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Instant Attendances

You’re tasked with running a great, learning service. Arm yourself with intelligent software that helps you optimize what matters most. No more chasing signatures or counting room numbers, Xplor’s patented attendance software automates the most painful parts of your day.

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Real-time Health tracking

Nothing is more important than your child’s health. Rather than relying solely on delayed feedback, you’ll be able to regularly track your child’s symptoms and medications, and even share the information with your doctor for a bigger — and better — picture of your child’s health.

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You’ve spent hours capturing learning moments worth sharing. Xplor helps you turn them into unforgettable moments with instant photos and videos.  Shareable collections of your observations – easy to use allowing you to focus on teaching.

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Automated CCMS

With the right CCMS platform, you can find hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed. Swap the one-size-fits all approach and rigid access databases with a customisable platform to set you ahead of the pack. 

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See what all the fuss is about.

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood my pain and worked with my team and I throughout the process. Thank you.

Aura BrooksService Director

Works very well and much more convenient than the old paper based system!!

Eve CrawfordParent

Easy to use and saved a lot of time in doing observations, programming, signing in and out and etc. Thanks Xplor!!

Jack GrahamEducator

I love Xplor, it makes tasks that can be very time consuming so much more efficient.

Zak ReidEducator

I love seeing what my baby is up to during the day.

Emma SmithParent

Get Xplor in your service.