Exemplary Support Promised and Delivered

The Y shifted to the Xplor Education platform to take advantage of the comprehensive support that Xplor Education promises to its customers. As an OSHC service, The Y Ballarat prioritised having regular updates in their childcare platform so they could also boost the level of service they provide to their families.

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The Y Ballarat OSHC Services is a non-profit organisation that believes in the power of motivating young people in creating healthier and happier communities. They have partnerships with local government, non-profit organisations, and other community service organisations to provide recreation, health and fitness, children’s services, youth and family services.









Joined Xplor

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Next-level Support

Like most approved provider representatives, there were initial reservations about migrating the businesses from one software provider to another. The main concern was regarding the process of migrating data to a new, cloud-based system. But once the planned contact support was presented, it confirmed the decision to come onboard with Xplor Education and trust that the level of support they planned to offer would be provided. There was no disappointment.

The Y OSHC team consider the support team at Xplor Education as the gold standard. They trust the tools, products and the brand thoroughly.

We have and continue to experience fantastic support with our support contact person. We experienced little to no delays receiving responses. If our support person is away, there is always another person on hand to provide support. The regular communication regarding updates is valuable and promotes further learning and discussion at service level on a regular basis.

Alicia Pratt, OSHC Manager

Transparency Matters

The level of communication has been of a high standard, including with the Xplor Education support team, sales and marketing and senior management of Xplor. A highlight is the regular updates, as the Y OSHC team did not receive this information from their previous software provider. It has been a game changer for Service Coordinators to feel included and in front of up-coming changes.

Since transitioning to Xplor’s platform, the OSHC team at Y Ballarat has enjoyed consistent, competent support to fulfil its daily childcare operations.

The Y has coordinated with different account managers over the past two years, but the support has always been the same: immediate, trustworthy and most importantly, reliable enough to recommended Xplor Education to several other kinders who have not yet made the switch.

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There’s been complete transparency from day one, which has been really appreciated. If an item update was not on the list that we were waiting on, we weren’t told untruths. We were told exactly why that item update had not made the list and then it was planned out on a schedule of where it was currently placed on Xplor’s software design team timeline. If they say they’re going to do something and it’s scheduled to happen, it happens. That’s the difference.

Alicia Pratt, OSHC Manager

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