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Looking to reduce admin with a childcare management system that met all their needs, YMCA South Australia turned to the Xplor Education childcare management ecosystem. Adopting the full platform suite was the solution they were looking for during a period of rapid growth.

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Established in 1850, YMCA South Australia provides OSHC and Vacation Care services to families across South Australia. As a rapidly growing OSHC provider, platforms that once did the job no longer met their needs. Adopting the full suite of Xplor Education childcare management tools for admins, educators, families, waitlists and payments has allowed them to flourish, giving them back time to focus on what matters—caring for children.









Joined Xplor

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We want our services to have their individual look. With Playground, they can have their personalised touch on how they are programming.

Tristian Severn, Quality Support Team Manager

Growing Pains

When YMCA SA had six services, their trusted but less automated childcare management platform was manageable. But with rapid expansion, the amount of manual labour required to keep things running smoothly was becoming untenable. Mondays and Fridays were much busier than other days due to the effort required for manual CCS submissions and billing processes.

In addition, as they grew, it became apparent that the Customer Support team required better software to cope with the rapid growth.

YMCA SA realised they would need to find a more automated solution to cut down on admin time that met all their needs, from inquiries, waitlist and enrolments to programming and planning, family engagement and payments.

All-in-one Search

YMCA SA wanted an all-in-one childcare management solution where all the platforms worked together seamlessly. They needed an onboarding team that would work with them to migrate their current centres and a support team that would give them the assistance they needed when they needed it.

The solution they found was the Xplor Education all-in-one childcare management system. The cloud-based platform would automate much of their admin. The components were built and designed to work together so they’d enjoy the seamless flow of data between platforms. Time wouldn’t be lost trying to constantly get finicky integrations to work.

Though not initially apparent, they’d find that the onboarding, training and support they’d receive was top-notch, and they’d always have access to someone when they needed help. Not only would it be easy to get a hold of someone, but their feedback would be listened to and taken on board.

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I really don’t know how people do it without the whole Xplor system. It makes sense. It just makes everything a lot quicker. The enrolment process is quicker because we’ve got all their details in the one system.

Bethany McInnes, Customer Support Team Coordinator

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We try to have a 24-hour turn around, from when we receive an enrolment to activating it. Parents are very quick at creating their logins and are using the app straight away to make their bookings. And it shows up straight away on our rolls, and they can start attending.

Bethany McInnes, Customer Support Team Coordinator

Automation and Efficiency

Embracing the Xplor all-in-one childcare management system has reduced admin, and now Mondays and Fridays are just like every other day of the week. Choosing to migrate in three waves, they built on the first wave of migrations by analysing what was and wasn’t working, enabling the subsequent migrations to go extremely smoothly.

The initial training was more than sufficient to get them up and running quickly. “We always had someone we could reach to help us with any issues, so the support was always there,” says Tristian Severn, Quality Support Team Manager. Admin has been drastically reduced with online enrolment forms, automated CCS submissions, parents being able to book in automatically and QR code sign-in/out.

YMCA SA is also reaping the benefits of the Xplor Pay payment gateway. “We get notified for failed direct debits, which helps so much. We can manage finances a lot easier. The Home app makes it easier for parents to set up a Direct Debit, making it easier for us to get this information,” says Bethany McInnes, Customer Support Team Coordinator. “I find the PayNow feature is a big help with debt collection. Parents can just pay then and there. We’re getting payments coming through within half an hour.”  

We don’t understand how people don’t use all of them [the Xplor Education products]! It’s so much easier—all of them working together just makes a complete story. 

Tristian Severn, Quality Support Team Manager

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