Wish your waitlist process were hassle-free?

MyWaitlist, part of the Xplor ecosystem, is an easy-to-use and intuitive waitlist management tool.

MyWaitlist, our convenient waitlist management tool, MyWaitlist, helps administrators streamline the waitlist process and reclaim lost time.

From the moment an enquiry is sent to your centre until a parent secures a spot at your service, MyWaitlist covers all your centre’s needs.

  • Lead Form—streamline capturing leads without requiring parents to complete registration forms. 
  • Online Tour Scheduling—sync scheduled tours with your calendar and send automated tour confirmations and reminders. 
  • Waitlist Sales Automations—keep your waitlist updated by sending parents automated emails asking them if they wish to remain on your waitlist. 
Xplor's Simplifying the Waitlist Guide
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A branded waitlist process

MyWaitlist allows you to customise your communications to ensure that your forms, email follow-ups and even phone calls are on-brand. You can create personally branded email campaign templates and automatic replies to communicate with waitlisted families, including personalised task information and call scripts.