Better parent engagement in 2022 starts online

Take crucial first steps to connect with parents online to build relationships

Better access to technology means parents aren’t as likely to settle for the first childcare option they find. Your centre can stand out from the rest by adopting new methods of connecting with parents online to highlight where you excel. Centres that use online platforms to initiate communications with parents are already a step ahead.

Online communication solutions help parents feel:

  • Secure—increased transparency boosts confidence they chose the right service
  • Informed—communicating with parents frequently keeps them up-to-date
  • Connected—more frequent interactions help with feelings of missing out
Xplor's Positive Parent Engagment Guide
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Automate enquiries to improve the parent engagement process—for everyone  

Using software that can streamline your centre’s workflow will benefit you in the long run. It saves you time, allowing you to allocate more time to have meaningful conversations with parents. Whether it’s chatting with them about their child’s development or giving a tour to prospective parents, leveraging technology to uncover new leads can saves everyone time and frees you up from necessary but tedious administrative tasks.

Making use of an online marketplace provides you with:

  • A competitive edge against those not on the platform. 
  • A dedicated listing, enabling parents to make informed decisions.
  • A platform that ensures your centre doesn’t miss a single prospect or enquiry.