Playground and Home provide your centre with a myriad of possibilities

The perfect combination to simplify parent engagement, documentation and compliance.

As individual tools, Playground and Home can each boost your centre’s performance. Playground is packed with features that make an educator’s life easier. From mobile observations to health and safety updates, everyday tasks are covered. The Home app helps parents stay connected with their children’s learning journey. They feel more at ease, even when they’re away from their little ones, with constant, real-time updates from the centre.

But our guide will showcase how combining these two platforms allows your centre to provide a well-rounded childcare experience by closing any gaps between educators and families. Here are some of the highlights you’ll find inside: 

  • All Observations educators post on Playground can be accessed by parents via Home.  
  • Moments parents share in Home can be viewed by educators using Playground. 
  • Parents can add comments to Observations, creating a more collaborative environment. 
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Seamless exchange of important health and safety updates

Playground and Home allow educators and parents to log toileting schedules, medication records, sleep activities and nutrition events—accessible by both educators and parents through their respective platforms. Incident reports created by educators using Playground are also shared immediately with parents via the Home app. A child’s health and safety are always a top priority. With Playground and Home, parents and educators will never miss vital updates, giving everyone peace of mind.