Gain insight on how governance and leadership affect your Quality Area 7 ratings

We’ve put together some tips to help you get a better assessment score in Quality Area 7.

An effective and efficient service starts and ends with outstanding leadership and crystal-clear direction. Quality Area 7 focuses on how approved providers can ensure that there are systems, processes and procedures to deliver excellent service to children and their families. 

Our free guide can help services with:

  • Developing effective leaders at their service.
  • Determining what kind of compliance systems are in place.
  • Ensuring that policies and procedures are reviewed.
  • Applying the principles of education and care at your service.
Xplor's QA7 Guide
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In this Quality Area 7 guide, you’ll learn the importance of: 

  • Why management systems are more important than you may have guessed 
  • Effective storage of confidential records  
  • Choosing a government-certified childcare software provider
  • Creating a statement of philosophy for your service 
  • Making service design choices that can affect your centre’s success