Tips for better NQS ratings await

Prepare for your next QA6 assessment with this handy checklist.

Managing your centre so you can satisfy the various aspects of Quality Area 6 means that you should be in tune with the strengths, values, interests and views of children and their families.  

Ensure your centre’s readiness for future evaluations by downloading our Quality Area 6 Checklist. You’ll be ready for your assessment in no time!

Our checklist will help you pinpoint:  

  • If you’re knowledgeable and active in community work. 
  • If you provide information supporting children’s learning and development. 
  • If your communication efforts effectively reach families. 
  • If you consider the viewpoints of families and include them in the decision-making process. 
Xplor's QA6 Checklist
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Collaborative and respectful partnerships are the core of Quality Area 6

In this Quality Area 6 Checklist, you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of feedback when connecting with parents. 
  • Why collaborating with families is vital for your centre’s success 
  • How to guide a family and their child into settling in at your service.  
  • Why learning more about diversity is important for your centre.  
  • How you can set up a child for success by fostering solid connections 

By engaging in the practices in our checklist, you will improve the relationship between your centre and the families at your centre. It’s a win on all fronts!