Map out your game plan for your next assessment with our QA5 checklist

Improving your relationships with children helps empower them—and boosts your ratings. 

Quality Area 5 touches on an important topic—relationships with children. Fostering warm, meaningful and respectful relationships with the children under your care is a primary focus for your centre. It’s crucial that you know the best practices for creating such relationships. With our QA5 checklist, you can simply check off what you need to do and not worry about missing important details during your evaluation.

Our handy checklist will guide you on how to: 

  • Build a safe space for children so they can trust you as their caregiver.
  • Set up constructive everyday interactions for compliance with the NQS.
  • Create a loving and positive relationship with the children you look after.
  • Help a child feel supported and seen in their everyday learnings with you.
Xplor's QA5 Checklist
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Let us walk you through your most important tasks 

We know that assessments can be pretty overwhelming, but Xplor strives to make childcare simple. You can use this checklist to improve relationships with children in your care—and boost your QA5 ratings.

Aside from helping you ace your assessment, this checklist helps with:

  • Determining the best way to show a child you’re interested in their ideas. 
  • Orienting you about the ethical responsibilities educators have when interacting with a child. 
  • Showing you better ways to document each child’s progress. 
  • How to foster a good sense of community that will benefit children.
  • Guiding you on how to comply with the NQS for Quality Area 5.

For a more in-depth look at how you can boost QA5 ratings download the complete guide.