Raise your standards for Quality Area 4 today 

Refer to this list when preparing for your next assessment 

Quality Area 4 involves navigating a multitude of issues regarding staffing. There are different things to take note of while preparing for your assessment. Aside from being qualified through holding early childhood certification, working towards continuous improvement is a crucial component to an improved overall service. Our checklist can help you create your own quality improvement plan to prepare you for future assessments. 

Our checklist will help you pinpoint whether:    

  • Your educators and staff actively support children’s learning and development. 
  • Your co-ordinators can explain the rationale for putting certain educators in certain rooms.  
  • Day-to-day staff interactions are guided by the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics. 
Xplor's QA4 Checklist
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Prepare for your next NQS assessment 

Since staff are your service’s most important resource, it’s in your best interest to look out for them by making sure their expertise are maximised at every touchpoint of their teaching journey. It doesn’t matter if your staff have been educators for two or twenty-two years. Their professional growth within your service will help the children they care for and lead to better ratings for your centre. 

For a more in-depth look at how you can boost QA2 ratings 
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