Is your centre fostering a safe and suitable physical learning environment for children?

Learn how you can meet NQS QA3 ratings with this checklist

The third quality area of the National Quality Standard (NQS) covers the value of the learning environment’s design. Centres must focus on the importance of having engaging outdoor and indoor areas, resources and equipment that provide opportunities for children to explore and learn through play.  

We have pulled together a checklist to help you assess whether your centre creates a safe and inclusive physical environment that promotes children’s learning and development.

Xplor's QA3 Checklist
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Maximise potential returns from a high NQS QA3 rating

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in the checklist to give you a head start prepping for your next assessment
NQS ratings:

  • Is the environment designed to be flexible and adaptable?
  • Are all staff able to explain the motivation behind the design of the environment and equipment? 
  • Is the environment regularly modified to stimulate and challenge children, by either staff or children? 
  • Does the centre have a sustainability plan, and is it implemented?  

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