Are you responding to children’s changing health and safety needs?

Less than 20% of services are rated as Exceeding NQS in QA 2

Centres must regularly review health and safety policies to ensure that the centre’s environment supports children’s wellbeing. As hygiene now becomes the foremost concern for families, your staff might feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of ensuring that their centre is free of risks for children. We’ve prepared a convenient yet comprehensive checklist that gives you tips for documenting health procedures under the National Quality Standard (NQS) and prepare for your centre’s next Assessment and Rating (A&R).

Bonus content: Software checklist to help you achieve high NQS ratings more efficiently.

Xplor's QA2 Checklist
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Track child health and safety visually using software tools

Educator apps can assist centre staff in achieving high 
NQS ratings:

  • Frequent and comprehensive documentation 
  • ACECQA health reporting and medical authorisations
  • Health event tracking, including first-aid and safety
  • Positive people experience due to easy sharing of policies

For a more in-depth look at how you can boost QA2 ratings 
download the complete guide.