New government legislation on gap fee payments 

As the 1 July 2023 deadline nears, childcare services are preparing for mandated CCS changes. These imminent changes involve a requirement to use childcare payment software for paying gap fees. These changes will bring about smoother transactions and better record-keeping. But they may provide challenges for childcare services still accepting non-digital payment methods.  

The new compliance requirements highlight a pressing need for digitalisation. The Australian Government advocates this change to enhance transparency, efficiency and financial management of childcare services. 

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Unpacking the new compliance  

In this changing landscape, Xplor Education’s Xplor Pay childcare payment software stands out. Xplor Pay offers a timely and powerful solution to help childcare services adapt to the new normal. It provides a robust, fully-compliant platform with a user-friendly interface and high-security standards.  

From 1 July 2023, all gap fees–the difference between a childcare provider’s fee and the amount received from CCS–must be paid electronically. This change to electronic funds transfer (EFT) aims to prevent CCS-related fraud.  

This shift to electronic payments will impact families using childcare services. Early childhood education and care (ECEC) service providers must also be prepared. Families must now pay gap fees by debit or credit card payments, direct deposit or bank transfers. Other electronic payment platforms, such as PayID, BPAY and Centrepay, can also be used.  

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Simplifying payments with Xplor Pay (childcare payment software) 

What is Xplor Pay?  

Xplor Pay is an innovative childcare payment software by Xplor Education. It caters to the needs of childcare services and families. It’s a simple, secure and comprehensive payment system that is compliant with the Department of Education requirements.  

Key benefits of Xplor Pay  

Embracing a digital payment platform like Xplor Pay can improve your services’s operational efficiency. It provides more transparent record keeping and ensures smooth, timely transactions. Services can reduce administration and focus more on providing high-quality childcare.  

Xplor Pay offers a multitude of benefits for both childcare services and families:  

  • Easy compliance: Xplor Pay helps childcare services quickly and effortlessly comply with the new regulations.  
  • Secure and convenient payments: Xplor Pay ensures a secure and convenient method of handling family childcare fees. Families have the freedom of scheduling payments to ensure they don’t get missed. 
  • Reduce bad debt and improve cash flow: Direct debit and ad hoc payments help childcare services reduce bad debt and improve cash flow.  
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Key features of Xplor Pay  

Xplor Pay is seamlessly integrated with Xplor Office and Home (our family platform). The result is a convenient payment process with several standout features, including:  

  • Xplor Pay Direct Debit: This feature enables families to set up automatic payments, ensuring they never miss a payment deadline.  
  • Xplor Pay PayNow: For those who prefer managing their payments, PayNow offers a simple and secure method to pay instantly.  

Moreover, Xplor Pay has robust security features in place to combat fraud. This secure, automated payment system also helps protect childcare services from fraudulent activities.  

Setting up Xplor Pay is straightforward. Xplor Education’s experienced customer support team will guide you through the process. We even have team members dedicated to helping you get more out of our Xplor Pay childcare payment software by helping get more families to use the payments platform.  

We’ve also put together a free guide highlighting just how easy it is to get started with Xplor Pay. Our committed support team is ready to assist you with setting up Xplor Pay at your service. They’re also available to help families set up payments in the Home app.  

Rest assured, we prioritise your peace of mind and ensure the utmost security. You can trust Xplor Pay to handle your payments with confidence. Discover how Xplor Pay can streamline payments at your service while ensuring you remain compliant. 

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