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Credible child health and development resources from qualified health professionals available in Home and Playground to augment a child’s learning journey.

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Solving common health problems in babies and toddlers.

Cindy Davenport

Registered midwife and
IBCLC and Maternal & Child Health Nurse

Enrich your parent experience with expert learning resources.

Educators can now recommend expert content to your families on safe sleep, nutrition, communication and more, alongside real-time child observations and learning outcomes in Xplor’s educator app, Playground.

This provides a richer connection for parents to their child’s learning journey during their formative years.

Parenting is easier when you have expert resources in the palm of your hand.

All parents get full access to exclusive, first-class health education from midwives, early childhood educators, paediatricians, psychologists, nutritionists and wellness coaches with over 30 years of experience, tailored to match your child’s unique development needs, and available for you to view in your own time.

Access this content today by downloading the Home app, Australia’s top-rated parent app, rated 4.8 by 11,000+ users.

Home+ Content

Advice on emotional preparation for parenthood.

Dr. Bronwyn Leigh

Clinical Psychologist and
Director of the Centre for Perinatal Psychology

Used by Australia’s leading childcare providers

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Xplor’s Playground app now allows
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