Why Single Vendor Solutions Matter

G8 manages over 460 ECEC services across Australia, and was looking for a single-software provider to amalgamate all the different platforms they were using in to one ecosystem.

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G8 Education has been working with Xplor since 2018. It is Australia’s largest publicly-listed provider of early childhood education and care. With more than 460 early learning centres across 21 brands, it supports 46,000 children every day, now with Xplor as its exclusive service provider.









Joined Xplor

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Search for efficiency

As a large childcare service provider, G8 was open to innovative technological solutions that made management processes more efficient. They understood that centre directors could benefit from saving valuable time spent logging into different programs and sharing information across each one separately. At the same time, they were also anxious about adopting unfamiliar software across a wide range of services and staff.

Before switching to Xplor, G8 services were using a different platform for child care subsidy (CCS) management, educational program and planning, payments, and parent engagement. Even with companies that claimed to be “all-in-one”, each administrative component had a different system. With several third parties involved in the end-to-end solution, there is a higher chance of parents feeling the impact of delayed service.

With past vendors, we struggled with multiple programs that didn’t talk to each other, and couldn’t provide a single real-time view of data across the centres.

Gary Carroll, CEO of G8 Education

A true software ecosystem

Even as a new entrant, G8 believed Xplor had the capacity to rethink childcare management and provide innovative solutions to help shape the parent experience. Xplor provided G8 with a one-stop, cost-effective solution to manage childcare processes, with complete support in making the transition end-to-end.

In moving from multi-vendor systems to a genuine single platform, centre managers expected to save resources spent switching between management systems and manually entering data. And that’s precisely what they experienced.

Centre directors can now log in remotely to all platforms with a single key and view information in real time without having to reach out to multiple vendors.

G8 found that the cloud-based platform, Office, is user-friendly and innovative, allowing teams to automate administrative processes and CCS payments. Educational program and planning is now managed easily through the Playground app.

Real-time updates in the Home app, such as child sign-in, unlimited contacts and nappy changes are all valuable features for services, eventually translating into happier families.

During COVID, the contactless technology offered exclusively by Xplor was a significant selling point to families and boosted functionality for G8 services.

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It’s easier for our services to call one support centre for all our software, in the one place. A one-stop-shop they can go to for support.

Beck Seager, Head of Operations Solutions

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Improved productivity and support

As a large childcare service provider, G8 was open to innovative technological solutions that made management processes mG8 realised that a single-vendor solution significantly impacted the parent experience and fast-tracked the support process. In-house staff now needed to be trained in only one type of software and could call Xplor for any queries they had.

The G8 teams were continuously engaged during the upgrade without feeling overwhelmed by new software. The most critical factor in the success was the support team’s willingness to listen and suggest improvements, which laid the foundations for a long-lasting relationship with G8.

In fact, G8 was not only convinced by the software’s features. They are now committed to the future of childcare management as envisioned by Xplor.

Through onboarding, training and support, our team will be with you every step of the way.

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