New Playground Messenger feature brings educators and parents even closer

An educator holds a tablet displaying the Playground dashboard showing the new Messenger feature

Playground Messenger boosts parent engagement and provides peace of mind. 

Playground, Xplor Education’s platform for educators, helps childcare facilities with their day-to-day operations by streamlining admin duties, documentation and compliance. Now, in addition to helping keep children safe with health event recording and safety monitoring, Playground’s latest Messenger update makes it easier for educators and parents to stay in contact during the day. 

Messenger, the latest feature to be added to the Playground app, allows messaging between educators and parents using Home. While educators and parents could leave comments on Observations and Moments previously, there was no means of organic, ad hoc communication.  

Now, educators can seamlessly reach out to parents and vice-versa. 

Home already provides parents with greater peace of mind since they are more actively involved in their children’s lives during care. Now, Messenger gives educators a means of quickly reaching out to parents in the moment, while providing parents with an open, direct line of communication with educators.

At Xplor Education, we strive to build for people and make life simple. We value customer feedback, and this newest update is a testament to our dedication to centres and educators. Allowing educators and parents to message each other was a top request on our Canny board (the place for centres to request and vote on features), so we listened. This request was so popular we knew we needed to add this feature to Playground to make it even more valuable to educators. Simply put, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. 

 The addition of Messenger to Playground benefits educators in several ways. They can now give real-time updates on programmes and plans for individual children and confer with parents if they have questions about a child’s behaviour or reaction. Parents can also advise educators caring for their children, helping them personalise their approach.  

Random bumps and incidents are unavoidable when you have children running around a centre. Messenger provides more peace of mind, especially in situations where parents can’t answer the phone. Incident reports in Playground can be supplemented by on-demand messages to assure parents their little one is safe and still enjoying time with their playmates. And if a lockdown occurs, educators can also message parents to tell them their child is safe after the headcount has been done. 

With unprecedented access to the carers responsible for their little ones, parents now have the freedom to update educators on those minor but urgent matters or let them know if they’re running late without having to create a Memory.  

Learn how Playground’s Messenger helps educators and parents work together to create an environment where children thrive. 


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