Xplor Home.

Xplor introduces Home with improvements to children’s health, advanced running records to capture learning, sign in and out with Xplor ID and all-new billing and government integration.

Xplor today released Home, introducing a dramatic new look for parents and new ways to communicate, sign in to centres, and navigate their child’s learning with an all-new running record inspired timeline. Xplor Home is faster and more responsive with optimisations across the system that improve bookings, and make logging attendance even faster. 

“Xplor Home brings new capabilities to Early Years Services that families use every day, with rich updates to Photos and Videos, and privacy-protecting features like Xplor ID, all while delivering a faster and better experience that focuses on a child’s learning and health,” said Lauren Grimes, Xplor’s Head of Mobile.

Mark Woodland, founder and CEO of Education at Xplor said, “we’re excited for customers to experience what’s coming to Xplor and can’t wait for them to see how great it feels to be involved with your child’s education. It has been very humbling working with families, educators and services to build Home and I am very grateful for all the feedback we have received.”

Running Record: A Dramatic New way to support a child’s learning.

Xplor Home has a beautiful new look running record, that helps parents follow their child’s interests and learning throughout the day as the action is unfolding. 

Powerful Health Tracking

Xplor Home allows parents to track significant health events from the current day, past day, month or year. Sleep, medication, nutrition, toileting and more are intelligently organised, making it easier to browse, discover and find events that took place, providing a detailed view of a child’s day.

Sign In with Xplor ID

Xplor is introducing a new, more private way to simply and quickly sign into the Xplor ecosystem. Instead of using a separate email account or filling out forms, verifying email addresses or choosing passwords, customers can simply use their Xplor ID to authenticate and login.

All-New Billing Experience

Xplor Home helps millions of families navigate government benefits, all while making it simple to pay childcare fees. Xplor Home Brings Complying Written Agreements to mobile with broader ways  for parents to pay. 

Additional Xplor Home Features

  • Notifications has a new look with more ways to organise and keep track of them.
  • Centre Messages are now grouped in a convenient  way and allow parents to easily identify who the message is for. 
  • Families can track Medication and incident records  through Xplor Health.
  • Parents can complete their CWA’s on their mobile device.
  • Families have the flexibility to make bookings, cancel bookings and notify services of absences.
  • Families can view and pay their statements through their mobile phone, email, sms or online via XPay.

Families can download Xplor Home from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Xplor revolutionised Early Years technology with the introduction of the Office platform in 2016. Today, Xplor leads the Early Years Sector in innovation with Office, Playground, Home and Space — providing a seamless experience for educators, families and services.  Xplor is dedicated to making education great by removing the administration that stops people from teaching and learning.