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Designed to give parents and guardians peace of mind

Are you seeking innovative ways to enhance parent engagement at your childcare service? Look no further—Xplor Education’s Home childcare app for families streamlines communication, enabling your service to boost partnerships and collaboration with ease. Fully integrated with our educator app, Playground, the free Home childcare app for families offers unparalleled convenience with swift and hassle-free communications, digital sign-ins, attendance tracking, secure payments, easy bookings and health event monitoring. 

Seamless child check-in 

With Home, tedious sign-in sheets are a thing of the past. Parents/guardians can effortlessly check children in and out with just a few taps on their mobile device. Attendance tracking is a secure and encrypted process, ensuring the utmost accuracy and safety of data. It gives you confidence that each authorised individual responsible for dropping off or picking up a child is accurately recorded. And, families will find monitoring their children’s attendance and time spent in care effortless, all within the intuitive interface of the Home app. 

Capture and share precious moments 

Give parents a window into their child’s world with photos and videos shared from the Playground app to Home. Spark joy and build trust by sharing those heartwarming moments of growth and discovery with parents. Effectively fostering connections at every interaction, our system ensures that no precious moments go unnoticed throughout the day. Since the Playground-Home app integration makes sharing every child’s milestone effortless, educators and carers have more time for nurturing each child individually. 

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Flexible payment solutions 

Empower families with the convenience of on-the-go payments and bookings, all while adhering to the latest electronic gap fee regulations. Families can enjoy the flexibility of viewing statements and setting up their preferred payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards or debit cards. 

Xplor Pay streamlines the payment process and eliminates the hassle of handling cash or cheques, offering parents a secure, electronic payment option for childcare fees. Your service can rest assured that Xplor Pay’s direct debit and automated reminders via SMS, email or in-app notifications help ensure families stay on top of their payments and that no payments are missed. Using the Home app, families can quickly browse availability and make bookings, including casual ones, directly from their mobile devices.

Real-time communication with families via Messenger 

Nurture trust and build strong relationships through real-time communication with parents using the Home app’s integrated Messenger feature. It ensures families you’re always just a message away, ready to answer questions or share updates promptly. 

In addition to commenting on shared observations, with Messenger, families can communicate directly with educators. Messenger also enables educators to contact families with urgent questions when a phone call might not be ideal, thus continuing to foster constant and meaningful interactions with families. 

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Effortless health event tracking 

Experience the ease of transparent health event tracking, assuring parents that their child’s wellbeing is taken care of every step of the way. Home enables families to easily monitor their child’s health and safety throughout the day via updates from the Playground platform. From nutrition tracking for insight into their meals to sharing nap times and sleep checks for consistent care after pick-up, our educator-family app partnership has you covered. Your service can also keep parents/guardians updated with incident reports and notifications about administered medicine, guaranteeing they’re always in the loop.

If you want to elevate your childcare services and take your parent engagement to new heights, Xplor Education’s Home app is your partner in achieving seamless parent communication. Learn more about the Home childcare app for families and how it can revolutionise your childcare service.

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