Childcare educator platforms—embracing digital dynamics in early childhood education curriculum 

Curtain University’s School of Education collaborates with Xplor Education to help graduates succeed by providing hands-on experience with childcare educator platforms.

For most, the journey to becoming an early childhood education (ECE) educator begins in the halls of Australia’s colleges, TAFEs and universities. With many institutions offering this pathway for prospective ECE educators and teachers to enter the workforce, Curtin University aims to ensure that students are equipped with current practical knowledge and skills to hit the ground running from the moment they graduate and commence working in the sector. 

Curtin University’s Digital Learning Hub gives students hands-on experience with childcare educator platforms 

One of the ways Curtin seeks to enable their students to engage with the tech used in the childcare sector is via their new Digital Learning Hub. This is a space for School of Education students to come and interact with the various technological solutions used in early learning centres, such as childcare educator platforms.

“We were thrilled to have the Xplor Education team in attendance to launch Curtin University’s School of Education, Digital Learning Hub (TheHub). This innovative and immersive space allows pre-service educators to explore various technologies, empowering them with the knowledge and skills of using technology to enhance learning in the classrooms of today and tomorrow,” said Nikki Jenkins, Educational Technologies Lead | School of Education, Curtin University.

Male and female presenters from Curtin University present in front of screen with an EdTechX slide for Session 3.
Nikki Jenkins (Educational Technologies Lead) and Craig Sims (Lecturer in Technology-enhanced education) from Curtin’s School of Education during the opening of EdTechX 

With technology becoming increasingly important in the early years sector, boosting and complimenting operations to enable educators to focus on children’s learning and development is increasingly vital.

Recently, Curtin’s School of Education launched this innovative space with their event, EdTechX, attended by Curtin faculty, students and members of the K-3 education community surrounding the University’s Perth campus and online. During the hybrid event, attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with industry experts, educators and educational leaders. They were treated to various presentations and immersive demonstrations by technology providers like Microsoft, Adobe, Commbox, and Xplor Education.

At the EdTechX event, the team from Xplor Education showcased their cutting-edge solution that empowers early childhood educators and streamlines their administrative and reporting processes. Playground gives back time to educators to focus on what’s important—the children and quality early learning. 

Nikki Jenkins 
Educational Technologies Lead | School of Education 
Curtin University 

Xplor Education’s childcare educator platform at Curtin University’s EdTechX event 

The Xplor Education team were present on campus to demonstrate its childcare management software, with a focused deep dive into their childcare educator platform, Playground. The presentation covered how Playground enhances administrative efficiency, optimises compliance management and fosters sustained family engagement through Xplor Education’s user-friendly family engagement platform, Home

Showcasing the Xplor ecosystem allowed attendees to recognise gaps in their current software and processes, highlighting technology’s value to the early years sector. It also provided students with an opportunity to learn first-hand about the software solutions, such as childcare educator platforms, they can expect to encounter in the workforce. 

It’s fantastic to have such an innovative approach to introducing Bachelor of Early Childhood Education students to the technology used in the sector. Xplor Education is certainly proud to be one of the foundational partners in Curtin’s Digital Learning Hub, helping the future educators of the sector succeed from the early stages of their careers.

Matt Varley, General Manager of Xplor Education

The event empowered future industry professionals to understand how various technologies, like the Playground childcare educator platform, can streamline workflows and simplify tasks within early childhood education and care services.

Male and female presenters stand in front of a display showing Xplor Education, provider of childcare educator platforms
Xplor Education Community & Engagement Lead, Mufaro Maringe, and Xplor Education Account Manager, Emma Booth, presenting Xplor Education’s childcare educator platform at EdTechX 

Hands-on experience with ECE technology benefits everyone 

Often, change management and training staff and families on new software present an obstacle for services, slowing down the adoption of new technology at their centres. However, the sector is becoming more reliant on digital technologies on all levels—from how children interact with technology to educators communicating a child’s development and learning with their family.

Element 3.2.2 of the National Quality Framework calls for educators to “introduce appropriate technologies to enhance children’s learning.” A recent study by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child found that educators need to continue developing their digital skills and capabilities further to introduce these technologies. An ideal way for educators to proactively obtain these skills is through initiatives such as TheHub, providing students with an advantage through hands-on experience as they gear up for their future roles.

Programs such as this benefit students by ensuring 

  • Career Readiness—Preparing graduates to navigate modern educational tools 
  • Integrated Learning—Bridging traditional and tech-based education methods 
  • Industry Alignment—Aligning student skills with industry standards 
  • Skill Development—Nurturing the digital literacy vital to professional success 

Furthermore, the partnership between Curtin University and software providers guarantees that students are always up to date with the technology used in the sector via hands-on experience with Xplor Education’s childcare educator platform.

“As we celebrate the launch of ‘TheHub,’ we extend our gratitude to all presenters, whose expertise and passion fuelled this transformative experience,” said Nikki Jenkins. “Thanks to the Xplor Education team for supporting our event and future educators!” 

Two male and two female presenters standing with their arms around each other, wearing Xplor Education t-shirts
Nikki Jenkins (Curtin University) with Mufaro Maringe, Emma Booth and Sharif Eissa from Xplor Education

Curtin University’s Digital Learning Hub is a pioneering initiative that equips future ECE educators with crucial digital skills through hands-on experience with advanced technologies, like Xplor Education’s childcare educator platform Playground. This forward-thinking approach not only prepares students for industry demands but also addresses digital adoption challenges within early childhood education. By fostering a rich, immersive learning environment, Curtin sets a high standard for educational innovation, readying students for a digitally driven future. 

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Mufaro Maringe

Community & Engagement Lead

Building communities in the ECE sector with my learnings as an early childhood educator and a customer support coordinator with Xplor Education since 2021.