Xplor’s ChildCare Management Software Explained

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Mark Woodland: Xplor is a digital solution for the childcare industry, it connects families, it connects parents, and keeps them connected throughout the day.

Fay: As an educator of many years, it’s so easy. Instead of doing reams, and reams, and reams of paperwork, I can take photographs, I can link them with the Early Learning framework, I can shoot it away to the parents, and it’s done in two seconds. If I can learn how to do it at a 103-years-old, then anyone can do it.

John: As soon as the child’s been dropped off to being picked up, we have a connection with the info centre.

Steph: It is quite distressing especially from a mother, dropping off her children and you know they have their little tears and their little moment, but as soon as we’ve left the center, by the time I’m back at my desk, I’ve already received probably three or four little images. The kids are happy. For me, it’s peace of mind.

Mark Woodland: At the heart of Xplor is connectedness that allows service providers to connect with the government and the educators, and then the families as well.

Andy: Xplor just makes it easy to operate the daycare centre. Everything’s automated, where you don’t have to do all the cumbersome paperwork anymore, we can see how many kids are here, how many staff are with those children. Everything in one place at once.

Faye: The most important thing is how connected the parents feel with their children here. They’re happy to go to work. Happy parents, happy staff, happy children.

You can learn more about Xplor by simply requesting a free product demonstration here and reap the time savings and automation rewards for your day care centre. Focus on teaching!

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Xplor ChildCare Management Software Explained
Xplor ChildCare Management Software Explained

Read and watch a short video explaining Xplor's CCMS and how it connects educators, parents and the children seamlessly.