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Xplor Technologies is a leading global platform integrating software, payments and commerce-enabling solutions to help businesses succeed. Xplor Childcare & Education strives to make education great by partnering with the sector to automate administration, ensure compliance and child safety is covered and ensure parents never miss a moment of their child’s day. We’ve proudly got 161 staff across Australia and New Zealand, with head offices located in Melbourne and Auckland.

The Xplor story begins in 2003 at the Recruit Training Camp in Kapooka. Mark Woodland was considering National Service in the Australian Army and was assigned to the Royal Australian Artillery Corps. Working as an Artillery Gunner, Mark served 4 years before being transferred to the Australian Psychology Corps.  He worked with soldiers returning from deployment and spent the rest of his time training new recruits.

How it started

In 2010 Mark’s mother bought a childcare centre to support children on their educational journey. Mark left the Australian Army to support his mother in her new business.  Frustrated by the outdated systems and not being able to afford an app developer, Mark taught himself to code and over the next few years, Mark developed Xplor. In 2016, Mark and Fay caught the attention of not only the education community but the world at large, which had become disenchanted by the childcare industry and lack of support to families; Mark and Fay provided a glimpse of hope, with their innovative approach to education.

Realising that a greater impact on education could be achieved through improving the software of services in January 2016, Mark and Fay sold their 3 childcare centres. 


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