Xplor’s all-in-one ecosystem saves your centre time

Xplor’s all-in-one childcare management ecosystem is the easiest way to streamline things at your centre, enabling more time to provide quality care.

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Xplor Stars

“Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help.”  – Natalie Underwood, Minnows Early Learning

Take advantage of our trusted and reliable sector expertise

Save time and reduce admin

Our all-in-one software seamlessly works to reduce the time you spend on administration, giving you time to focus on the things you enjoy most.

The true all-in-one approach to childcare

Xplor delivers the perfect solution to all your childcare needs with its unmatched user experience driven by reliability, security and speed (powered by Amazon Web Services). When you have questions, there’s one support line to contact to get the answers you need.

Xplor Office

The highest-rated Child Care Subsidy software

Xplor Office is a leading business management software platform for childcare operators, helping services run more smoothly by automating administrative tasks. From enrollments and digital attendance to CCS submissions, Xplor Office does everything you need to help your childcare business succeed.

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Xplor Playground

The best thing for learning and safety

Xplor Playground is an educator app that helps them observe, track and document a child’s health and learning more effectively to better manage compliance requirements. Xplor Playground promotes transparency, trust, and engagement between educators, childcare centres and parents, helping children thrive.

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Xplor Home

The easiest way to keep parents happy

Xplor Home is a free app for parents, connecting them to their child’s learning journey and providing a helping hand with bookings, photos and videos, paying statements and tracking key health information. Parents will never miss a moment and will enjoy peace of mind when away from their precious child when they’re connected via Home.

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Xplor Pay

Wherever and however payments are accepted

Xplor Pay (Clearent) helps businesses get paid quickly and securely—without hidden fees. With technology built from the ground up, our platform delivers secure, transparent, fast and easy payments. Provide parents with secure payment options to streamline collections and boost cash flow at your centre.

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Automation frees you up for tasks that demand your attention

Life is simpler with Xplor—childcare software made easy

Whether you need to streamline administrative processes, want to bolster the safety of the children in your care or are looking for a means of more seamless parent engagement, Xplor’s all-in-one ecosystem will work for you.

Digital Attendance Automated CCS Submissions

In Xplor’s Office, digital attendances update automatically via contactless sign-in/out, ensuring your records are always up to date. CCS attendances are automatically submitted, saving you time and stress while also reducing human error in reporting.

Xplor UI
Xplor UI

The information you need—all in one place

Xplor Office’s dashboard presents all your centre information in one convenient place. Whether you need to check enrolment details, find guardian contact information, check bookings or review financial information, everything is easily accessible, saving you time and effort.

Keep children safe and stay compliant

Xplor’s Playground platform makes tracking health, safety and learning quick and convenient. Headcounts, emergency lists and transport lists help safeguard children, even when you’re not online. All your data is securely stored, providing you with evidence to present easily during your next NQS assessment.

Xplor UI
Xplor UI

Ensure parents never miss a moment

With Xplor’s Home platform, parents can feel connected to their child’s learning and development, even while they’re apart. Home combines bookings, payments and picture and video sharing to ensure the best parent experience by providing them peace of mind throughout the day.

Fewer headaches, more time, better care

You didn’t get into childcare only to be stuck behind a desk struggling with funding submissions and wrestling with spreadsheets. Discover how Xplor’s all-in-one ecosystem can help you get back to doing what you love.

What our customers think about us

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The Y Ballarat OSHC Services

“The regular communication regarding updates is valuable and promotes further learning and discussion at service level on a regular basis…If they say they’re going to do something and it’s scheduled to happen, it happens.”

Alicia Pratt

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Xplor testimonial
Xplor testimonial
Xplor testimonial
Xplor testimonial
Xplor testimonial
Xplor testimonial

You can’t eliminate administration —but you can automate it

Whether you’re an early childcare centre owner, administrator or educator, you’ve got admin work you dread. Our all-in-one platform helps you streamline the boring (but crucial) tasks you dread so you have time to focus on providing the best quality care to the children entrusted to you.