Will Athanasakis

Creative mastermind & Product Manager based in our Melbourne office.

About my role

As a Product Manager at Xplor, my role is to plan and manage the product roadmap over time. This means assessing where our products are right now, where we want to go in the future and how to get there.

The Product team takes care of new functionality, maintenance of old parts of the platform and puts together a strategy for both the new and the old. There is a lot of balancing between the needs of our customers, the technical requirements and the needs of the business as a whole

Why did you join Xplor?

Before Xplor, I was a secondary school teacher, teaching English and History. I decided to leave teaching to take on a role in the tech world. I’d developed an interest in technology and what it can do for learning when used strategically and sparingly.

The contract I had with another software company ended and I was looking for another role and in the final stages of interviewing at a few different companies when I also applied at Xplor in January 2018. Immediately I realised I had stumbled across the intersection of my passions for education and technology.

What is the most interesting thing about Xplor?

I’m really interested in how our users have such varied needs and experiences. Early Learning in one part of the country or the world can be so vastly different from the next place. It’s an interesting challenge to develop a product that solves problems for such a diverse range of users.

Tell us about something that you enjoy learning about outside of work.

I really enjoy cooking, baking bread and all things food and feeding people.

Favourite music? 

If I’m driving it’s 70s rock only. Panama by Van Halen is the greatest rock song of all time.

Hidden talent?

I try to not keep my talents too well hidden.


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