Software boosts NQS ratings.

43% of services exceed NQS using software.

As a new child care centre, this guide can help you prepare to adopt the right software and improve NQS ratings. Or, if you are an established child care centre considering digitalization of all platforms during the pandemic, you can benefit from this resource too. Deciding on the right administration software for your centre depends on a range of factors that we have organized for you in a reader-friendly format.

Xplor's Understanding Your Software Options Guide
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Helping you make the best choice.

Your software guide to help improve:

  • Reduction and management of of admin

    so that you can focus on your staff and delivering quality education
  • Parent satisfaction through open engagement,

    ensuring family retention
  • Tracking children’s learning outcomes & fixes.

    helping boost NQS ratings
  • Seamless user experience

    increasing occupancy