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Custom enrolment and waitlist forms.

Save time and admin headaches with simpler enrolments, enquiry handling, and waitlist management.

  • Build your own enrolment form, enquiry form or waitlist form or use Xplor’s compliant template.
  • Automatic integration with Xplor, which means you can put an end to manually entering data.

Digital attendance and Government Subsidy management

Spending your time connecting and submitting attendances or chasing government subsidies isn’t what you signed up for.

  • Automatic government subsidy submissions, reminders and government messages will put an end to constant parent phone calls.
  • Automatic digital attendance containing sessions, fee structures, and ad-hoc sessions.

Simple booking and occupancy mangement.

Run your service on one page. Bookings, CCS, fees, rooms, and much more.

  • Automatically mark attendances, add and delete bookings, and get a live view of your service to help you spot early warning signs.
  • Quickly pull detailed reports and audit logs to help you monitor your service’s performance.

Integrated payment options.

Xplor allows you to choose the best suited payment option for your service.

  • Automatic reconciliation, processing post subsidy, recurring payments and mobile adhoc solutions.
  • Accept parent payments using credit card and direct debit.

Full list of features.

Everything you need to manage your service, without paper.

Admin Posts

You can use Admin Posts to send messages, photos, files, and links to your families.


Reduce wage costs and save hours managing your team with Xplor’s powerful rostering tools.


Achieve a new level of payroll accuracy and insight into team productivity.

Staff Attendance

Make it simple for staff to record their exact work hours and attendance.


Harness your data. Discover opportunities. Elevate your insights.

Child Profiles

A single place to see important information about children in your care.

Parent Profiles

A single place to see important information about parents at your service.

Staff Profiles

A single place to see important information about staff employed at your service.

Educator Profiles

A single place to see important information about educators employed at your service.


Transform important information into visual insights.


Send and receive text messages globally from your families with Xplor SMS.

Birthday Lists

Track birthdays for children, educators and parents in your service.

Locked Period Reports

Set a lock date so changes can’t be made to past transactions.

Waitlist Management

Take your waitlist to the next level and give your parents their freedom back.

Form Builder

Use our online form creator to build custom enrolment forms

Fee Management

Define an unlimited amount of fees, and automate the collection of debt.

Bulk Fee Updates

Update all of your fees with one action.

Scheduled Payments

Allow parents to pay for a fees in several instalments, instead of one single payment.

Bond Payments

Easily accept and refund bond payments.


Connect any app & create new workflows to enhance productivity.

Ad Hoc Payments

Allow parents to pay fees without setting up a direct debit.

Automatic Submissions

Automate your submissions every day.

Master Roll

Mark attendance and view your roll book from anywhere


Add, delete and change bookings


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